Sport and Innovation in Trentino: Start ups, Research centres and projects

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This website has been  created and directed by prof. Umberto Izzo. The website has been conceived for scientific and educational purposes by a group of Italian academics who work to (and are interested in) promoting knowledge and legal analysis of the law of tourism sports.

Spin off & Start ups in the field of sport
eMotion Technologies
eMotion has been founded to support public hospitals and private rehabilitation clicnics or centers to adopt IT (Information Technology) solutions within the rehabilitation process in Italy and later in Europe. With a background in IT and software development - eMotion - has proven capabilities in developing distribute software using Silverlight and Java as target development platforms. MDK (Motion Developmetn Kit) the optimal solution for 3D motion analysis for rehabilitation or sport. MDK simplifies the development process for 3D motion analysis applications thanks to WPF and C# or Android technology. eMotion is located in North part of Italy, in Torbole, near Lake of Garda.
Palladium Management 
Palladium Management is a firm specialized in sport management and marketing from Trentino-Alto-Adige. The main goal of the company is to create and promote an innovative network between local sport activities and local businesses. Palladium team is arranged in a multidisciplinary group of athletes, chosen on sport merits or future potentials, to support them bridging the gap between amateurism and professionalism. Through these investments, the company can have access to a broader spectrum of public that traditional sponsoring activities cannot reach through a single sport or a single athlete. Therefore, Palladium offers a possibility to improve the company brand in a more effective way. Palladium achieves economies of scope to gain diversification and thus acquire more profits thanks to the possibility to invest in a team involved in many different sports.
Libon brings Internet of Things to sport to help athletes train more simply and more effectively.  We have engineered a powerful yet easy-to-use solution made by integrated hardware and software. We designed:
- an online management platform where coaches can plan the entire season and monitor athletes performances thanks to reliable data analytics and visual stats
- a mobile app where athletes are guided into daily workout and may provide real-time feedback
- a set of measurement devices connected to the Internet to provide accurate yet immediate timekeeping and location tracking
We provide coaches and athletes with most advanced training solution.
Sport Time srl
Sport Time srl is a company founded in 2011 by Alberto Bucci, Ivan Risti, Alessandro Degasperi and Daniele Moraglia. Born from different professional and sport experiences is based on a shared passion for triathlon and related sport. With this strong specialization Sport Time works closely with major companies to provide marketing and business development, offering various opportunities of collaboration. Sport Time makes available to sport operating companies competence, knowledge, experience and passion of its professionals offering consultancy in: Marketing & communication, Business development, Company organization and Product development.



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