Enrolment - First Year

Successful applicants have to submit* the following documents to the proper Doctorate Office (see contacts below) within the deadlines stated in the announcements for selection:

  • enrolment form (available in the  “Download” box);
  • receipt of TDS payment (Education Tax) for a total amount of Euro 156,00 (including 140,00 Euros TDS  for academic year 2014/15 and  the revenue stamp of Euro 16,00).  Payment has to be made only by bank transfer. More information are available in box “Links"/ “Education Tax (TDS) and revenue stamp”.
  • Form A (available in the  “Download” box)

Upon their arrival in Trento, successful applicants awarded a scholarship also have to provide the proper Office of Doctoral Studies (see contacts below) with:

  • copy of their registration to "Gestione Separata Inps" (Italian social security) or a substitute statement for the attested affidavit (see box “Links”, Duties of PhD students)

* the delivery may be done in person (during the opening hours of the office), via e-mail (with pdf attachments; please, sign the application before scanning it) and via fax; please attach a copy of your passport in case of e-mail or fax submission .


Enrolment in the 2nd and 3rd year

After the decision of the PhD Programme Committee concerning the admission to the 2nd or 3rd Academic Year,  PhD students are required to:

  • send or deliver to the proper Doctorate Office (see Contacts below) the enrolment form  (see  “Download” box);
  • pay the TDS – Education Tax for a total amount of Euro 156,00 (including 140,00 Euros TDS  for academic year 2014/15 and  the revenue stamp of Euro 16,00).

Payment has to be made by MAV bank transfer (Mediante Avviso) or by credit card. More information about payment isavailable in box "Useful links”/ “Education Tax(TDS) and revenue stamp”.

Please check in the  “Download” box the information concerning the deadline for enrolment in the 2nd or 3rd year if available.