Enrolment - First Year

Enrolment in the PhD Programme is to be sent within the deadline specified in the call for admission.
Successful applicants who do not complete their enrolment by the deadline will be automatically considered as withdrawn.

Applicants with scholarships
Successful applicants awarded a scholarship have to provide to register to “Gestione Separata INPS (see box “Useful links”/PhD students receiving doctoral scholarships duties).

How to enrol:
The enrolment procedure is online
Successful candidates must submit their enrolment by the online procedure following these steps:

  1. go to webpage www.unitn.it/en/apply/imdott and login using your username and password (the same as the first registration);
  2. fill in and save all the fields of the application online;
  3. upload the requested attachments in electronic format:
    - copy of valid ID document (Italian identity card or passport)
    - ID photo (jpg, jpeg, bmp, png, pjpeg)
    Declaration for tax, social security and insurance purposes
    - Receipt of TDS payment (Education Tax) and stamp duty (mandatory only for payments made by bank transfer). If payments are made by online bank transfer, you have to upload the ACCEPTED TRANSFER receipt (usually downloadable from the payments archive of your inbanking only from the day following the one of the order): the order of the payment is not enough.
    - Matriculation application (pdf file generated by the system, to be printed out, dated, signed and uploaded)

More information is available in box “Useful links"/“Education Tax (TDS) and stamp duty”.

More information is available in box “Useful links"/“Stay permit"

Winners who do not intend to accept the position and enrol are kindly asked to communicate their decision as soon as possible filling in the “Declaration of PhD resignation” available in the box Download and sending it as attachment to an email to the proper Office of Doctoral Studies (see contacts below).

Enrolment in the 2nd and 3rd year

After the decision of the PhD Programme Committee concerning the admission to the 2nd or 3rd Academic Year,  PhD students must enrol.

The enrolment procedure for the 2nd or 3rd year is avalable in the on-line system.

Check in the "download" box the information concerning the deadline for enrolment if available.

PhD students must pay the TDS - Education Tax,except in case of exemption. The payment has to be made by MAV bank transfer (Mediante Avviso). See information in box "Useful links” (“Education Tax(TDS) and revenue stamp”).

NOTE: if you are NON-EU citizen you have to upload a copy of your valid stay permit in the enrolment application online (in the specific section). If it's expired, you have to upload the copy of the acknowledgment of receipt you have (which is provided by the Postal office when you send the kit for the stay permit request, or by the Immigration Office of the Police Headquarter in Trento/only if you have already attended the appointment at the Questura). 

Once the new stay permit will be issued, you must upload it to Esse3Web as soon as possible and no later than May 26, 2018. If not, all university services will be unavailable to you.

Attention: in order to access Esse3Web use your UniTN credentials. At the left of the page, select "Home" and then "Permesso di soggiorno".