Research and Technology Transfer funding opportunities

The mission of the Research and Technology Transfer Support Division is to support the University in its research activities, from the participation of the researchers to financing programmes (local, national, European/international) to the transfer of research results to the society through patent applications, University  spin-offs and collaboration with industry.

The Funding Opportunities section provides, through a specific search engine, information on funding opportunities  in the main national, European or international funding programmes.
For further funding opportunities the University of Trento subscribes to the online database Research Professional which offers researchers (upon registration) the opportunity to search for research funding in many disciplines and by funding bodies from all over the world.  

The Technology Transfer section provides information about the legal protection of new inventions, the creation of new academic spin-offs and the intellectual property issues.
The Division can be contacted, even during the preparation phase of the Consortium, for the analysis of the socio-economic impact and of the results valorisation plan  that might be included into the research proposal.

The section Training Courses and Information describes  the seminars, workshops and other training initiatives organized by the Division, in the fields of scientific  entrepreneurship, research results protection, funding opportunities and project management.

In the Download Box please  find  the list of  the research projects of the University of Trento financed through European R&D Framework Programmes.