The University human research ethics committee

The Human research ethics committee of the University of Trento was founded in September 2005. The committee's main duty is to evaluate and express opinions about the experimentation offers on the human being, put forward by researchers and research groups working in the University.

In carrying out its activity and in a pluralist view of ethical orientations, the Human research ethics committee refers to the national, community and international discipline seen in its legal and ethical nature. It is inspired by the principles indicated in the documents regarding the correct clinical practice and regarding experimentation on the human being. The Committee pays particular attention to the correct version of the Helsinki Declaration and aims at stimulating initiatives of awareness towards ethical topics addressed to all people, both in and outside the University.

Project approval
All types of research on the human being that involve risk for the psycho-physical well-being of the participants are submitted to the Human research ethics committee (CESP) for its opinion on whether they can actually be carried out or not.

The Committee’s opinion may be asked by the project manager who is part of the University’s staff or is a collaborator whose contract lasts at least as long as the duration of the project itself.

The person responsible for the research will have to send the "modulo per la richiesta di approvazione di un protocollo di ricerca" (form for project approval) and all the documentation needed, to the chairman of CESP through the secretariat of the ethics committee.

The application for the project approval will have to be written in Italian. If the person responsible for the project believes it to be useful, he/she can also send an English version.

In order to facilitate researchers when applying for project approval, the CESP has made a facsimile of the form and of the statement of commitment.


Responsabile della Segreteria
dott.ssa Luisa Saviori
tel. +39 0461 281245
Segreteria del Comitato Etico per la Sperimentazione con l'essere vivente
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