Research Doctorate

Research Doctorate is the highest degree of education contemplated in the Italian academic system and is geared for the acquisition of the skills required for carrying through highly qualified research activities in universities, public corporations and private companies. The ultimate aim of the Research Doctorate is to foster scientific and technological progress and, at the same time, to form a governing class with a high level professional culture and a corresponding opening out to the international situation.
The first part of the programme is dedicated to acquire high level competencies in specific research areas while the second part is be mainly devoted to the development of the research project that will be the subject of the final thesis.
The Doctoral Courses at the University of Trento receive funds from Provincia Autonoma di Trento, Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Trento e Rovereto and Comune di Trento.

The minimum official duration of the Research Doctorate period is three years: the beginning of the academic year is stated on the selection announcement of each Doctoral Course. The PhD students are requested to attend all the formative activities.
Admission requirements:
* “Laurea specialistica” (“magistrale”), according to Ministerial Decree no.270/2004;
* University degree of the previous regulations in force;
* similar degree, equivalent as concerns  the duration and content to the italian one, achieved abroad, on the basis of international cooperation as well, previously recognised by the Doctoral Course Committee,


Candidates can start a Doctoral Course at the University of Trento only after participating in a selection and after being selected.

University of Trento doesn’t perform PhD candidates recruiting activities.

Selection announcements are published in the “Gazzetta Ufficiale della Repubblica Italiana” every year between February and September.
The selections will take place according to the examination’s schedule settled down by every Doctoral Course.

Doctoral title conferral
The title of Doctor of Research is conferred by the Rector of the University at the end of the programme after passing the final examination consisting in the presentation of a thesis in front of the Examination Committee.

The number of grants conferred shall not be less than half of the positions announced.
Grants are assigned on the basis of the final shortlist drawn up by the Admissions Committee and are awarded for the entire duration of the Doctorate, following confirmation by the Doctoral Course Committee of the results achieved every year by PhD students.

Enrolment tax
PhD students are requested to pay the "Tax for the right to university study" (TDS), that amounts 130 Euros for the academic year 2013/2014.


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