You can support the University donating the 5xmille of your income tax.


In this way you will concretely contribute to the activities of UniTrento, to support the scientific research in Italy, as well as the training and education of young people and the economic and social development of Trentino. It does not imply any cost but it shows your commitment and it can be added up to the 8xmille tax, without replacing it.


Donating your 5xmille is easy. You just need to inform your fiscal centre or accountant when you prepare the income declaration.

To donate your 5xmille referring to your income to UniTrento you just need to:

  • Sign in the relevant part prepared on the templates by the Fiscal agency for the income declaration:
  • ​Write down the taxpayer number of UniTrento (codice fiscale): 00 34 0520 220.

Information: cinquepermille [at]