Equality and the enhancement of cultural diversity are among the founding principles of our University.

We are aware of our role in society in the training of citizens and professionals and we are committed to foster, both in study programmes and in our organization, a culture of justice, equality, transparency, openness and equal opportunities.

These principles shall not remain on paper, as we intend to put them into practice in daily University life.

In order to achieve this objective, the University of Trento has approved a three-year plan of positive actions (2014-2016) which includes tools and measures aimed at identifying and removing any discrimination based on gender, religion or belief, racial or ethnic origin, sexual orientation and sexual or gender identity, disability, age and occupation.

This page is a starting point to develop and improve the project. We recognize that this is in fact only the beginning of an on-going process that will turn the University of Trento into a welcoming and inclusive place for everyone: technical and administrative staff, students, academics and researchers, permanent or temporary employees.

This website will serve as a container for storing data on equality and diversity with the aim of projecting a public and transparent image of the University, describing the progress made and the critical areas where further action is needed.
Our hope is that with time it will become a useful tool and an information and cultural reference point for those who are interested in diversity and equality, a tangible sign of our efforts.

The network of people and services involved

This path to foster equality and to enhance diversity will involve all of the University’s participants, in an attempt to encourage networking, discussion and synergies. This web page is the place where we will collect the contributions of the various bodies that are participating to different degrees in this project, with the objective of shedding light on their activities and making them more visible and easy to reach. The following are the people and services involved:

  • The Vice-Rector for equality and diversity policies, Barbara Poggio, whose mandate is to ensure and put into practice equal opportunities, the enhancement of diversity and the acknowledgement of the rights of the different elements of the University.
  • The Rector’s delegate for organizational well-being, Franco Fraccaroli.
  • The Rector’s delegate for disability support, Paolo Pasquale Macchi.
  • The Rector’s delegate for initiatives on linguistic minorities, Patrizia Cordin.
  • The Rector’s delegate for educational services and parents support services, Barbara Ongari.
  • The Confidential counsellor, Barbara Giovanna Bello, in charge of preventing, managing and solving issues of mobbing and sexual harassment in the work environment.
  • The Committee for equal opportunities well-being at work and against discriminations, which works to promote and protect equal opportunities and well-being in the work environment among the University’s staff.
  • The delegates of departments and centres for the integrated plan of positive actions, who cooperate with the Vice-Rector to fulfil the plan’s objectives at the level of the institution they represent.
  • The Psychological counselling service for students, where they can be heard and receive support, whose main task is to help in problematic situations or times to improve the students’ study performance and the quality of university life.
  • The Psychological counselling service for technical and administrative staff, which offers counselling and support in situations of psychological discomfort in the workplace, due in particular to conflicts, stress, lack of motivation and other work-related issues.
  • The Interdepartmental centre for gender studies, a study and research centre that adopts a gender perspective as a tool to promote learning and training opportunities in a range of different sectors.

The University of Trento is also a member of the National conference of Italian universities’ equal opportunities bodies.

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