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Topic and funding - Cycle 33
A 5 + 1

A1 - Fine spatial scale modelling of Trentino past forest landscape and future change scenarios to study ecosystem services through the years (TRENTINOLAND)  (Università di Trento e Fondazione Edmund Mach - Trento)
A2 - Ecological connectivity in the Alpine anthropic matrix: natural reserves and corridors for the conservation of brown bear in the Alps (ABC-AlpBearConnect) (Università di Trento e Fondazione Edmund Mach - Trento)
A3 - Formulation of Trichoderma atroviride SC1 for soil application (Fondazione Edmund Mach - Trento)
A4 - Vibrational interference with the mating behaviour of the Xylella fastidiosa vector, Philaenus spumarius (Fondazione Edmund Mach - Trento)
A 5 - Linkages between fish habitat dynamics and channel morpho-dynamics at mesoscale (fellowship for doctoral studies Marie Skłodowska-Curie ETN-EUROFLOW - only for candidates wiht specific requirements, see the file in the box Download)
Formative discharge and style of morphological response of gravel bed rivers at the reach scale (Department of Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering) (published on 28.08.2017)

B 2*  

*These scholarships are co-funded by the Research project ENERGETICA of the Autonomous Province of Trento

C 6 4 + 1

C1 - Design, simulation and testing of smart metamaterials/metastructures for vibration mitigation of civil/mechanical systems (University of Trento and Department of Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering)
C2 - Modelling and simulation of novel opto-acoustic sensors for monitoring crack growth in pressure vessel steels (University of Trento and Department of Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering)
C3 - Friction forces between patterned surfaces (Pirelli Tyre S.p.A.)
C4 - Laser-Beam Cutting Modeling and Testing For Improved Quality and High-Demanding Structural Applications (Adige SYS S.p.A)
C5 - Behaviour of cold formed steel industrial storage racks subjected to accidental and seismic actions (Metalsistem S.p.A.) (published on 09.08.2017)

D 3 1 + 2 + 1 Assegno di ricerca (fellowship)

D1 - A new model for a comprehensive comfort assessment methodology in buildings based on pre and post design procedure (University of Trento and Department of Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering)
D2 - Indoor environmental quality as the main driver for energy efficiency in the residential sector: measures, technology and concepts (Assegno di ricerca - fellowship funded by EURAC Reserach - Bolzano/Bozen) (published on 26.07.2017)
D3 and D4 - T.U.T. - Trento Urban Transformations (2 scholarships funded by the Municipality of Trento within the project "Trasformazioni urbane a Trento, Percorsi e strategie di innovazione") (published on 09.08.2017)

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