Catalogues and electronic resources

  • Discovery: online research tool that allows you to search a large portion of Library resources through a single search box
  • Trentino Library catalogue (CBT): online catalogue which contains over 1,200,000 bibliographic records identifying and locating material in about 150 libraries in the province of Trento, including the University Library.
  • Journal Catalogue: online catalogue which contains over 15,000 serials titles held in the University Library in printed or electronic form.
  • Database Catalogue: online catalogue which gives access to the databases the University Library subscribes to.
  • E-books Catalogue: online catalogue containing the e-books the University Library subscribes to.
  • Degree Theses Catalogue: includes bibliographic information on the degree theses of graduates from the University of Trento.
  • Institutional archives: online archives of scientific and technical publications by the departments and research centres of the University of Trento (Unitn-eprints Research) and of doctoral thesis (Unitn-eprints PhD).
  • U-GOV Catalogo Unitn: database containing bibliographical descriptions of publications by teaching and research staff of the University of Trento.


Univerity Library System
Via Verdi, 8 - 38122 Trento
fax +39 0461 282910

For journals and databases tel. +39 0461 283041 - 3042
For e-books tel. +39 0461 283015
For degree thesis, Unitn-eprints, U-gov Catalogo Unitn tel. +39 0461 283044