The Center, among its two facilities in Rovereto and Mattarello, is composed of five interdisciplinary labs:

  • the Functional Neuroimaging Labs (LNiF)
  • the Neuropsychology Labs (NP Labs)
    • Center for Neurocognitive Rehabilitation (CERiN)
  • the Language, Interaction and Computation Labs (CLIC)
  • the Experimental Psychology Labs (EPL)
  • the Animal Cognition and Comparative Neuroscience Labs (ACN)


Five other labs have become part of the CIMeC: thanks to a collaboration with the Bruno Kessler Foundation - the Computational Cognition Lab (CCL) and the NeuroInformatics Lab (NILab), thanks to a collaboration with the Research and Innovation Centre of the Edmund Mach Foundation - the Insect Neurobiology and Neuroecology laboratory (INN Lab), thanks to a  collaboration with the Museo Civico of Rovereto - the Ethology, Ecology and Evolution Laboratory (EEE Lab), and thanks to a collaboration with the Department of Physics - the Laboratory for Neurophysics (NPhys).



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Meg Lab - People at work
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CIMeC - Center for Mind/Brain Sciences
Rovereto (TN): Palazzo Fedrigotti - corso Bettini 31
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Mattarello (TN):Via Delle Regole 101
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