The doctoral curriculum consists of a taught component and supervised individual research. It is designed to be completed in three years.

During the first year, students dedicate 100% of their time to course attendance.

In the second year, students dedicate only 40% of their time to training and the remaining time to research. In their final year, student dedicate almost all their time to research – 80% - along with the attendance of specific workshops, summer schools or seminars related to their research project.

Students have a choice of three separate curricula, which share a common first semester, namely Behavioural Economics and Management.


Teaching Programme - Academic Year 2013-14


Crash course in Mathematics (36 hrs.) (Prof. Civolani)

First Year

1st Term

5/11 - 20/12/2013



Common courses (36 hrs.)

Behavioural Economics (Prof. Mittone)

Microeconomics (+ tutorships) (Prof. Andreozzi)

Statistics (+ tutorship) (Prof.Taufer)

Macroeconomics (+ tutorships) (Prof. Zambelli)

2nd Term

3/3 - 23/5/2013


2 Common Courses

Econometrics (Prof. Gilbert, 36 hrs)

Organization & Management (Prof. Zaninotto)

STATA Tutorial (Dott. Mancosu, 8 hrs)

Behavioural Economics (BE)

3 Specialized courses (24 hrs)

Computable Economics (Prof. Zambelli)

Experimental methods (Dr.Ploner)

+ Game theory (Prof. Andreozzi) or from other Programmes in the School*

Management (M)

3 Specialized courses  (24 hrs)

Industrial dynamics (Prof. Gabriele)

Finance (Prof. Bazzana, Gaffeo)

+ Corporate governance (Prof. Trento) or from other Programmes in the School*