The Board of the University’s student associations (TAUT, Tavolo delle Associazioni Universitarie Trentine) was established on the initiative of the Department for Education and Youth policies of the Autonomous Province of Trento.

Since its establishment in 2006, the board has served as the place where student associations discuss and promote common projects, acting as a contact point for associations, the University, students and citizens. In March 2013 the board became an independent association.

Purpose of the board

The mission of the board is to serve as a discussion space for the community of students so that they can meet and establish a successful collaboration with the various organizations that work locally, encouraging mutual knowledge.

Through its initiatives the board also aims to promote cohesion among its members, to build and strengthen relationships with local entities, and to enhance and stimulate the active participation of young people.

What we do

Every year, the members of the board agree on a shared plan of action that includes a number of initiatives. The plan is called “Piano Operativo Giovani – Piano Giovani d'Ambito T.A.U.T.” and is supported by the Youth policies of the Autonomous Province of Trento.

Different initiatives are developed and supported by the board: conferences, concerts, training courses, awareness raising campaigns and research projects.

Here you can find a list of past projects:


The number of associations represented in the board has increased over the years. The board currently includes 16 associations:
•    APE
•    ISF
•    URLA

Executive members of the board:
Current members

  • President – Gabriele Penazzi
  • Vice president – Giulia Alessandra Foti
  • Treasurer – Antonietta Cellamare

E-Mail: tav_associazioni [at]
Reference person for organizational matters: Barbara Fruet,  +39 3480123508.

TAUT and Youth Policies in the Autonomous Province of Trento
For more information on Youth Policies in the Autonomous Province of Trento:
To understand what Local Youth Plans (Piani Giovani d’Ambito) are, and learn how they work (submission, accounting, etc.):

Joining the TAUT
Associations and informal groups that want to join the TAUT can apply in writing on headed paper (with the association or group logo). Applications must be sent to the board President, explaining the reasons why you want to be part of the network. Admission fee is 100 euro. Yearly renewal fee is 50 euro.