Logo Megaris

Megaris is specialized in designing and manufacturing unsaturated and stress path test machine.

logo Wykeham Farrance

WYKEHAM FARRANCE is one of the longest established manufacturing companies
in the world of Geotechnical Testing Systems. A close working relationship with several premier Universities in Europe ensures a flow of new ideas for development of new testing techniques and systems.
WYKEHAM FARRANCE was established in 1941 and now it is part of the CONTROLS GROUP as the Soil Mechanics Division. This alliance and synergy, the international network of companies, groups and distributors provide complete customer service and technical advice including planning, installation, training and maintenance for all types of laboratories.

Logo Lombard e Marozzini

L&M is present in the field of electronic instrumentation for industries and research in the following sectors: Meteorological systems, Environmental  parameters measurements, Data acquisition and processing, Industrial processes automation, Soil and Plant Science, Software.
The preliminary study of the problem and a careful consideration of the specific needs of the client allow L&M to realize "integrated systems ad hoc" of very high quality and high performance, capable of satisfying the requests of both the industrial market and the research one. Fundamental bases of every new project are an adoption of technically and methodically correct solutions and the continuous research of a personalized rapport with the customer, from the initial phase to the post-sale assistance.

Logo Delta T

Delta-T designs and manufactures instruments for meteorology, soil science, solar energy studies, plant canopy analysis, environmental monitoring and agronomy.
Delta-T is a market leader in soil moisture monitoring, with more than 15 years experience of providing researchers with high quality soil moisture probes. We specialise in soil moisture sensors for hydrology, ground truthing and agricultural applications. Single point and vertical profiles are read and displayed instantaneously or may be continuously monitored with a data logger.
Delta-T also offers a range of versatile weather stations and powerful data loggers for meteorology and other environmental monitoring applications.