Trento Summer School in Adaptive Economic Dynamics - XVIII Edition

Modules and lecturers

 MODULE 1- Evolution of theories and modes of economic organization and governance

  • Robert Gibbons, MIT, Sloan BS: From hard to soft governance. 
  • Anna Grandori, Bocconi University: From relational to constitutional governance.
  • Scott Masten, University of Michigan: Transaction costs, hierarchies, and other bases and forms of firm governance.
  • Nicolai  Foss, Bocconi University: Transaction costs, resources and learning in theories of the firm.


MODULE 2 – The evolution of microfoundations of economic organization

  • Nicolai Foss, Bocconi University: Knowledge governance.
  • Siegwart Lindenberg, University of Groningen: Cognition and governance.
  • Anna Grandori, Bocconi University: From bounded to epistemic rationality, discovery and governance.
  • Avner Ben Ner, University of Minnesota: The discovery of cognition and knowledge processing.    


MODULE 3 - The history and foundations of forms of enterprise 

  • Margaret Blair, Vanderbilt University Law School: History of the corporate form in the US: theories, laws and practices.
  • Renate Meyer, University of Vienna: History of the corporate form in Europe: theories, laws and practices. 
  • Lorenzo Sacconi, University of Trento: The contractual foundations of multi-stakeholder governance in corporations and other forms of enterprise.
  • Anna Grandori, Bocconi University: The contractual and legal foundations of the firm as a multi-actor  ‘societas’ in modern constitutional democracies.  


MODULE 4 - The evolving relations of firms with labor and finance

  • Thomas Kochan, MIT, Sloan BS: The evolving governance of firm-labor relations. Implications for law and reform.  
  • Anna Grandori, Bocconi University: The governance of knowledge intensive labor and human capital investments. 
  • Colin Mayer, University of Oxford, Said BS: The evolving governance of firms’ relations with financial investors and financial  markets. Implications for regulation.

Venue of the school:
Hotel Villa Madruzzo - Trento