Alpine Ski Seminar on Information Systems

"ALP_IS, le ALPI mostrano il pathos nei Sistemi Informativi"

This year the (new) format is that of a workshop dedicated to a specific theme, the theme of:
- interventions promoting successfully organisational change in the Information Systems Design domain
- design oriented  approaches to the introduction of innovative social practices, to 'make place' for IT.

 This theme is object of recent work at Trento (see ALPIS 2008 'SPD' papers web page), presented at MCIS07, on which we intend to open a discussion in the community, and at ALPIS08 in particular.

We  plan for 4 sessions dedicated to various sides contributing conceptually to the theme:
- extending participatory design (PD) to the IT implementation phase, by exploiting:
 - Claudio Ciborra's phenomenology based concepts as guiding principles for action, and
- Carl Rogers' person centred counselling approach and co-construction of visions of solution, with people concerned, besides
- ethnography based concept development on organisational problems and assets, in an 'appreciative inquiry' 

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University of Trento

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