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ASEA-UNINET Plenary Meeting

The 12th Plenary Meeting of the ASEAUNINET network will be held in Trento (Levico Terme), from 7th to 11th June 2011.

The host Institution is the University of Trento, who is honored to welcome all the participants, on behalf of the Rector, Davide Bassi, and of the Vice-Rector for international relations, Carla Locatelli, who is at present the Chair of ASEAUNINET.

The purpose of the meeting is to enhance scientific links and cooperation among the participant Universities.  Specific discussions on “Focus Areas” of research, and on the ongoing collaboration activities among the member Institutions will focus on achieved results and solutions to encountered problems. Another important item on the agenda is the planning of future initiatives, which will enhance the number and quality of the joint projects.

Efforts will be made to envisage connections to European programmes in the field of research and mobility, which will support mobility schemes from Asia to Europe and vice-versa.

Since culture is a key element of the ASEAUNINET philosophy, and is pervasive in all the fields of hard and soft sciences, a programme of Italian Classical music is planned specifically for the event.

Welcome to Trento!

The hotel and venue for the conference is:

Grand Hotel Bellavista (Bellavista Relax Hotel)

Levico Terme (Trento, Italy)






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