Aims and topics

Michael Bacharach has been a brilliant and innovative game theorist. His research still has a lot to say, especially to scholars involved in behavioural game theory. This workshop is in his honour. It focuses on the notion of we-thinking, one of the core ides of his programme of research. It will discuss both theoretical and applied works.

The following topics will be covered:

  1. Theory
    • the connection between we-thinking and cognitive models of reasoning as applied in game theory
    • the contribution of we-thinking to the development of models of human behaviour based on motivational complexity
    • the relation between we-thinking and ethics
  2. experiments and applications:
    • the contribution of we-thinking to the analysis of non-purely selfish behaviour in experiments
    • the study of cooperation within firms through team-thinking
    • the contribution of we-thinking to the explanation of the role of shared principles in multi-stakeholder governance processes