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The Biotechnology Program


The Biotechnology Program at the University of Trento addresses the need for a dedicated research and training program in the area of applied cell biology.

Since 2008, we worked towards the establishment of the cultural and infrastructural network required to build a solid training path and to enhance internationally competitive research activities. We invested in the integration of the Biotechnology Program into the research landscape of the Province of Trento and in the contribution to public understanding and perception of the potentialities of biological and biomedical research.

Currently, the Biotechnology Program includes the Centre for Integrative Biology (CIBIO), the Bachelor Program in Scienze e Tecnologie Biomolecolari, the Master Program in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, and the International Doctorate School in Biomolecular Sciences.
Concomitant with the recognition of two Telethon Foundation Carrier Project awards to new investigators at CIBIO, we will present the current achievements and discuss the future plans of the Biotechnology Program at the University of Trento.

On June 24 the sessions will be in Italian, on June 25 in English.



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