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Rovereto Workshop on Concepts, Actions and Objects: Functional and Neural Perspectives

The goal of this Rovereto workshop is to provide a unique forum for researchers from a range of perspectives who are interested in Concepts, Actions, and Objects to come together to discuss their research and develop new directions and collaborations.

The workshop differs from larger conferences in so far as there are a small number of speakers (all invited) and there are no concurrent talks. In addition to the individual talks, there will be a poster session for students, post-docs and young researchers to present their work.

Invited Speakers

  • Michael Beauchamp, Baylor College of Medicine, USA
  • Elizabeth Brannon, University of Pennsylvania, USA
  • Alfonso Caramazza, University of Trento, Italy & Harvard University, USA
  • Thomas Carlson, Macquarie University, Australia
  • Emily Cross, Bangor University, UK
  • Pieter Medendorp, Donders Institute, Netherlands
  • Isabelle Peretz, University of Montreal, Canada
  • Pietro Pietrini, IMT Lucca, Italy
  • Lorraine Tyler, University of Cambridge, UK

Scientific Organizers

  • Alfonso Caramazza, University of Trento, Italy; Harvard University, USA
  • Melvyn Goodale, University of Western Ontario, Canada
  • Brad Mahon, University of Rochester, USA
  • Alex Martin, The National Institute of Mental Health, USA
  • Marius Peelen, University of Trento, Italy
  • Sharon Thompson-Schill, University of Pennsylvania, USA


The workshop will begin on the evening of the 5th of May, at 6:00 PM with a welcome reception which is open to all attendees, and end on the 8th of May, at 12:00 PM. There will be a Social Dinner (optional) on the evening of the 7th.

All sessions (including registration) will be held at Palazzo Istruzione (also called Palazzo Piomarta), Corso Bettini, 84 - Rovereto, Italy.

The poster of the event is available here.

The program of the event  is avalable here.

The poster session is available here.

How to reach us

The venue of the workshop is Palazzo Istruzione (also called Palazzo Piomarta), Corso Bettini 84, just a 10 minute walk from the train station.


Photo by Nicola De Pisapia



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