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CogEvo 2012 - Rovereto workshop on Cognition and Evolution

The goal of the workshop is to provide a unique forum for researchers from a range of perspectives who are interested in cognition, neuroscience and evolution to come together to discuss their research and develop new directions and collaborations.

The workshop distinguishes itself from larger conferences in its aim to host a small number of speakers (all invited) with no concurrent talks. In addition to the individual talks, there will be a poster session for young researchers to present their work.

Invited speakers

  • Dorothy Cheney, University of Pennsylvania (US)
    Cognitive and emotional constraints in the cooperation of animals - abstract
  • Thomas Collett, University of Sussex (UK)
    How do ants perceive and control their direction within panoramic scenes? - abstract
  • Deborah Kelemen,  Boston University (US)
    Goals and designs: Young children’s reasoning about artifact function - abstract
  • Jacqueline Fagard, University of Paris Descartes (FR)
    Hand preference, communicative gestures and praxis in human infants - abstract
  • Lucia Jacobs,  U.C. Berkeley (US)
    How cognitive functions converge: the case of the cognitive map - abstract
  • Alex Kacelnik,  University of Oxford (UK)
    The interplay of function and mechanism in decision making abstract
  • Andrew Meltzoff,  University of Washington (US)
    Social Learning in Human Infancy: Early Building Blocks for Social Cognition abstract
  • Robert Seyfarth, University of Pennsylvania (US)
    The evolution of concepts about agents - abstract
  • Elisabetta Visalberghi, Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies (IT)
    Decision making and selectivity by wild capuchin monkeys using stone tools - abstract

Preliminary programme

The workshop will begin on the evening of the 28th of June, with a welcome reception which is open to all attendees, and end around mid-day on the 1st of July.
All sessions (including registration) will be held at Palazzo Piomarta, Corso Bettini, 84 - Rovereto, Italy. Talks will be 45 minutes with  15 minutes for questions following each talk.

The Programme is available here and on the Download Box on the right

How to reach us

The venue of the workshop is Palazzo Istruzione (also called Palazzo Piomarta) at the Facoltà di Scienze Cognitive, Corso Bettini 84, just five minutes walking from the train station. For all the necessary info to get to Rovereto, click here

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