Abstract submission and workshop registration

Registration to RAW 2015 workshop is mandatory for all participants.


  • € 130 for faculty members and non academic people
  • € 70 for students, post docs and staff

The fee includes coffee breaks and the participation to the workshop.
Social dinner will have an extra cost of 35 euro per person.
The fee can not be refunded.

Poster session

Abstracts (maximum of 250 words) should briefly state the background to the research, the methods used, the principal findings (no statistics), and the theoretical significance of the work. Please do not cite references in the abstracts.  Each author can appear as first author in one poster only.

The deadline for submission of abstracts for poster session is October 2nd, 2015

The organizing committee will send emails with decisions about which posters are accepted for presentation by October 17, 2015.

Five 200 Euro awards will be granted on a competitive basis at the workshop, on the basis of the submitted abstracts. Only non-faculty first authored posters are eligible for the awards (please indicate in the 'title' field whether or not the first author is a faculty member). The organizing committee will decide the winning posters and will send emails with decisions to the winners.
Please be sure to carefully proofread the submission.

In order to present the poster at the workshop, every poster session participant will be provided with a freestanding bulletin board, approximately 84,1cm x 118,9 cm, on which to display the poster. Please make sure that your poster does not exceed these dimensions.

The abstract submission are closed.

The list of Abstract Award Winners is available here and in the download box.


Please register here

We kindly ask you to read carefully the enrolment procedure and the required information, to fill in the fields with correct data and to be sure to choose the right type of invoice.

Invoice Category:

1) Individual;

2) Italian Public Administration/Body/Institution;

3) Private or Foreign company/agency/institution.

Important information about the invoice

If the participant fee is paid by an Italian public body, institution or administration, it must follow a specific procedure that requires to download a document at the end of this registration form to forward to the administrative office of the participant. In this case please select “Italian Public Administration/Body/Institution”. Payment will be done by the Administration/Body upon receiving the electronic invoice issued by the University of Trento via bank transfer only (no credit cards allowed); the participant cannot pay directly from his personal account.

Otherwise please choose respectively “Individual” if the receipt for the participation has to be headed to him/her or “Private or Foreign company/agency/institution” if the receipt has to be headed to a foreign or a private institution/agency/company.

Please note that once you chose the invoice type and you completed the registration, it will not be possible to change the heading of the invoice.
Once the registration fee is paid, it cannot be reimbursed. For further information regarding invoice category, please write to: serv.amm.cont.rovereto@amm.unitn.it