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Rovereto is a small city of 34, 000 inhabitants. Situated in the Adige valley, 25 kilometres south of Trento, it is also the largest city of the Vallagarina region. Rovereto has also become famous and gained importance recently because it has one of the largest museums of contemporary art in Europe, the MART.

The Museum of Contemporart Art of Trento and Rovereto  (MART) is the largest museum of contemporary art built in Italy in the twentieth century. The numerous floors of exhibition space host a permanent collection as well as temporary exhibits from all over the world.

Currently at the museum, running until 10 January 2010, is the exhibit on  Masterworks of Modernity. The Kunstmuseum Winterthur Collection.

Other attractions to visit in Rovereto:

The  Depero House of Futurist Art  reopened on 17 January 2009 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of the Futurist Movement. It hosts a broad representation of the artist’s work.

The Italian Historical Museum of the Great War is situated within the walls of the Rovereto Castle, within the historic centre of the city. The museum contains many artefacts, photographs and documents from the First World War.

The Rovereto Civic Museum, centrally located  in Palazzo Parolari, is one of Italy’s oldest museums. It was refurbished in 2008 and additional rooms were added to host zoological (birds and mammals), numismatic and archaeological (prehistoric, Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece) exhibits.

The provincial capital of Trentino (population 115, 000), at the foothills of the Dolomites, Trento is a city of art with a strong Renaissance imprint which characterizes its colours, its buildings and renders unique amongst the areas other Alpine cities.

The landscape is dominated by the Bondone, Calisio, Marzola and Vigolana mountains which surround the city, offering tourists plenty of excursion options.

Trento has numerous museums and exhibition halls
The Trentino Museum of Natural Sciences is found in Palazzo Sardagna. It has a series of exhibits on the natural sciences and the natural landscape, as well as hosting temporary exhibitions.

The Trentino Diocesan Museum is in Palazzo Pretorio in Piazza Duomo. It has a section dedicated to the Council of Trent and preserves some of the heritage of sacred art of the Archdiocese of Trento.

The Buonconsiglio Castle has numerous artistic offerings and has collections of archaeological objects that document the history of the city of Trento and surrounding areas from prehistoric times to the ninth century.
Trento and other nearby towns are known for their Christmas markets, which every year draw tourists from all over Italy to the Trentino. In Trento, the markets are found in Piazza Fiera  (Link:

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