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Intensive Program 2014
CONSIDER: CONSumption Identities and Differences European Research

CONSIDER is an official Intensive Program (i.e. a short program of study which brings together students and staff from universities in different participating countries) granted by the European Union within the framework of the Lifelong Learning Program.

The rationale of the program is to have students examining and interpreting a huge dataset of European consumers insights - made of qualitative and quantitative measurements - for analyzing consumption cultural differences and similarities within the Old Continent.

During the Intensive Program, which is focused on International Marketing Research, students develop a real international consumer survey (proposed by a real client) from the beginning to the end, comprising of: questionnaire design, responses collection (through the Internet), data analysis and results presentation. Some lectures and workshops are organized to support the student during the IP.

CONSIDER is coordinated by IAE Savoie-Mont Blanc, University of Savoie (France). CONSIDER’s 2014 edition will be held at the Department of Economics and Management, University of Trento (Italy) from Sunday, 2nd to Friday, 14th February 2014.

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