Conference Program


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Friday June 25th


17:00 – 19:00   Registration and Welcome Party

Saturday June 26th


8:00       Registration




9:00       Presentation of the 8th European Conference on Residual Stresses

Conference Chairman: Paolo Scardi



Chairman: P. Scardi


9:30       Diffraction Measurement of Residual Stresses in Highly Anisotropic Materials

Donald W. Brown


SESSION: Measurement methods: Diffraction

Chairman: E. J. Mittemeijer


10:50     Depth resolved strain analysis in ground alumina samples applying beam limiting masks

T. Manns and B. Scholtes

11:10     Stress analysis by Kossel microdiffraction on a nickel-based superalloy single crystal during an in situ tensile test – Comparison with classical X-Ray diffraction

D. Bouscaud, R. Pesci, S. Berveiller, E. Patoor

11:30     Five years energy dispersive residual stress and structure analysis at EDDI – current status and future prospects

M. Klaus, R. Coelho, Ch. Genzel

11:50     The matrix method for data evaluation and its advantages in comparison to the sin2ψ and similar methods

B. Ortner

12:10     Neutrons for Materials Engineering at ISIS: Present and Future Capabilities

S. Y. Zhang, A. Paradowska, J. Kelleher, and W. Kockelmann


SESSION: Measurement methods: Diffraction

Chairman: W. Reimers


14:00     Study of Peak Profiles from Faulted Nanocrystallites

K.R. Beyerlein, M. Leoni, R.L. Snyder, and P. Scardi

14:20     Development of a micro-area X-ray stress measurement system

A. Iwata, T. Ozawa

14:40     Grain growth and residual stress in Ni-W films with high densities of planar faults

U. Welzel, J. Kümmel, E.J. Mittemeijer

15:00     MicroGap Area Detector for Stress and Textures Analysis

Bob B. He





SESSION: Measurement methods: Diffraction

Chairman: C. Genzel


16:50     Investigations in the heat-affected zone by X-ray diffraction on a 16MND5 steel

E. Delvat, C. Fisher, J.-L. Lebrun, V. Delalande

17:10     New challenges for XRD measuring residual stress on curved surfaces

A. Haase, M. Klatt, A. Schafmeister, R. Stabenow

17:30     X-ray diffraction determination of macro and micro stresses in SOFC electrolyte and evolution with redox cycling of the anode

J. Villanova, O. Sicardy, R. Fortunier, J.S. Micha, P. Bleuet

17:50     Neutron diffraction analysis of load transfer in DP 600 steel during in situ tensile tests

M. Seefeldt, S. Dillien, U. Stuhr


SESSION: Welding

Chairman: M. Leoni


10:20     Residual Stresses in Multilayer Welds with Different Martensitic Transformation Temperatures Analyzed by High-Energy Synchrotron Diffraction

A. Kromm, T. Kannengiesser, J. Altenkirch,  J. Gibmeier

10:40     Residual stress, texture, and phase investigation of  autogenous edge welds using high energy synchrotron radiation

R.V. Martins, J.A. Francis

11:00     Residual Stress in Friction Stir Welded Aluminum Alloys

J.A. Pineault, M. Belassel, H.J.K. Lemmen, M.E. Brauss

11:20     Measurement of Residual Stresses in Surface Treated Stainless Steel Groove Welds

D. M. Goudar, M. Turski, E. Kingston, Chris Gill, P. J. Withers and D.J. Smith

11:40     Stability and Relaxation of Welding Residual Stresses

M. Farajian, Th. Nitschke-Pagel, K. Dilger


SESSION: Welding

Chairman: M. Prime


14:00     Edge-welded Stainless Steel Beam Residual Stress Simulation Benchmark

P. J. Bouchard, M. C. Smith

14:20     Constitutive models used for the prediction of welding residual stresses: suggestions for their improvement

J. Mullins, J. Gunnars

14:40     Validation of residual stresses of finite element simulation of multi pass butt-welded plates using the contour method

E. Rodríguez, C. Martín, J.L. Cortizo, J. Guirao, J.M. Sierra

15:00     Developments in the Treatment of Residual Stresses in Welded Components

S.K. Bate, I. Symington, J.K. Sharples, R. Charles, P. Hurrell and M Jackson




SESSION: Welding

Chairman: L. Barrallier


16:50     Numerical investigation of the influence of microstructure on the residual stress distribution and distortion in DP600 welds

A. M. A. Pazooki, E. M. Van der Aa, M. J. M. Hermans, I. M. Richardson

17:10     Welding Residual Stresses Depending on Solid-State Transformation Behaviour Studied by Numerical and Experimental Methods

C. Heinze, A. Kromm, C. Schwenk, T. Kannengiesser, M. Rethmeier

17:30     Residual Stresses and Microstructure in Ti-6Al-4V Friction Stir Welds

A Steuwer, DG Hattingh, NM James, T Buslaps

17:50     Titanium 5553 turning without or with laser or water jet assistance

T. Braham-Bouchnak, G. Germain, E. Delvat, J-L Lebrun




Sunday June 27



Chairman: P. Scardi


8:30       Strain Mapping by Coherent X-ray Diffraction

Ian Robinson


SESSION: Measurement methods: Mechanical Methods

Chairman: B. Scholtes


9:30       Experimental verification of the hole drilling plasticity effect correction

M. Beghini, C. Santus, E. Valentini, A. Benincasa

9:50       Advances in the Contour Method

M. B. Prime, P. Pagliaro, B. Zuccarello

10:10     Residual Stress Analysis Using the Hole-Drilling Method and Geometric Specific Calibration  Functions

A. Nau, E. Garcia-Sobolevski, B. Scholtes

10:30     Residual Stress Measurement in Coated Plates Using Layer Growing/Removing Methods: 100th Anniversary of the Publication of Stoney’s Paper „The Tension of Metallic Films Deposited by Electrolysis“

J. Kõo, J. Valgur


11:10     Determination of residual stresses in thermal and cold sprayed coatings by the hole-drilling method

A. Ryabchikov, H. Lille, J. Kõo, S. Toropov, T. Pihl, R. Veinthal

11:30     The contour method for residual stress determination applied to an AA6082-T6 friction stir butt weld

V. Richter-Trummer, P.M.G.P. Moreira, P.M.S.T. de Castro

11:50     Locating Areas of Maximum Stress in Circumferential Welds

M. Steinzig, C. Chen, D. Brown, M. Prime, J. Milewski, H. Swenson

12:10     Eigenstrain based model for incremental hole drilling residual stress measurement

F. Cochennec, E. Rouhaud, M. François, L. Roucoules


SESSION: Measurement methods: Mechanical Methods

Chairman: M. Prime


14:00     Evaluation of Residual Stresses in Dissimilar Weld Joints

A. Bonaventure, D. Ayrault, G. Montay

14:20     Influence of laser remelting process on strain and residual stresses in nodular iron

R. Šturm, and J. Grum

14:40     Determination of residual stresses in welded structural steels with help of micromagnetic measurements

Th.Nitschke-Pagel, K.Dilger, H.Eslami-Chalandar

15:00     Residual Stresses in ball-end milling - influence of X-ray spot diameter.

N. Guillemot, C Fischer, JL. Lebrun, R.




SESSION: Quality management and integration in industrial process

Chairman: M. Leoni


16:50     PRECIX, robotic system for residual stress analysis by X-ray diffraction

F. Lefebvre, JM. Le Roux, C. Charles, H. Pilliere, E. Berthier, C. Fontugne

17:10     Determination of Stresses in Medium Carbon Steel by X-rays - a Round Robin Study

S. B. Hosseini, B. Karlsson, T. Vuoristo, and K. Dalaei

17:30     Stress/Strain Effects on Industrial Superconducting Composites using The Engineering Materials Diffractometer TAKUMI

S. Harjo, K. Osamura, S. Awaji, T. Hemmi, T. Ito, H. Arima, K. Aizawa, S. Machiya, H. Oguro, G. Nishijima, K. Matsui, Y. Tsuchiya, H. Suzuki, A. Moriai, N. Koizumi, K. Ogitsu, T. Nakamoto

17:50     External reference samples for residual stress analysis by X-ray diffraction

F. Lefebvre, M. François, J. Cacot, C. Hemery, P. Le-bec, E. Baumhauer, D. Bouscaud, T. Bergey, D. Blaize, D. Gloaguen, JL. Lebrun, A Cosson, R Kubler, Y Cheynet, E. Daniel, H. Michaud, JC. Monvoisin, P. Blanchet, P. Allain, Y Mrini, JM. Sprauel, P. Goudeau, P. Barbarin, C. Charles, JM. Le Roux, W. Seiler, C. Fischer,  L. Desmas, A. Ouakka, MJ. Moya, Y. Bordiec


SESSION: Grain interaction and multiphase materials

Chairman: M. François


9:30       Analysis of intergranular interactions during ductile damage – Comparison between micromechanical models and neutron diffraction experiments

B. Panicaud, L. Cauvin, L. Le Joncour, A. Baczmanski, K. Saanouni, M. Francois

9:50       Determining Ti-17 β-phase Single-Crystal Elasticity Constants through X-Ray Diffraction and inverse scale transition model

S. Fréour, M. François, R. Guillén

10:10     Mechanisms of microstrain distribution development in rolled metal materials

Yu. Perlovich, M. Isaenkova, O. Krymskaya

10:30     Localization of Stresses in Polycrystalline Grains Measured by Neutron Diffraction and Predicted by Self-consistent Model

A. Gaj, A. Baczmański, L. Le Joncour, B. Panicaud, M. Francois, C. Braham and A. Paradowska


11:10     Line broadening due to elastic mechanical stresses

M. Koker, U. Welzel, E.J. Mittemeijer

11:30     Neutron Stress Measurement of Coarse Crystal Grain in Aluminum Casting Alloy

M.Nishida, T. Hanabusa, T. Matsue and H. Suzuki

11:50     X-ray diffraction for stress analysis of textured thin films

M. Ortolani, C. L. Azanza Ricardo, A. Lausi,  P. Scardi

12:10     Grain resolved stresses in polycrystalline materials from 3DXRD data

J. Oddershede, S. Schmidt, H.F. Poulsen, W. Reimers


SESSION: Coatings and thin films

Chairman: U. Welzel


14:00     Influence of surface roughness on evaluation of stress gradients in coatings

A. Ulyanenkov, I. Feranchuk, V. Uglov, H.Guerault

14:20     Development of intrinsic and thermal components of residual stress in nanostructured thin films: Grain size dependent phenomena

R. Daniel, D. Holec, J. Keckes, C. Mitterer

14:40     X-ray initiated growth of single crystal pyramids in strained amorphous barium titanate film

Y. Feldman, V. Lyahovitskaya, G. Leitus, I. Lyubomirsky, E. Wachtel, V.A. Bushuev, G. Vaughan, Z. Barkay and Yu. Rosenberg

15:00     Residual Stresses in Sputtered ZnO Films on (100) Si Substrates by XRD and Synchrotron radiation

C. Krauss, P.O. Renault, P. Goudeau, E. Le Bourhis,  E. Barthel, S. Grachev, A. Benedetto, V. Rondeau, R. Lazzari, N. Brun




SESSION: Coatings and thin films

Chairman: U. Welzel


16:50     Residual Stresses and Strength of Hard Chromium Coatings

W. Pfeiffer, C. Koplin, E. Reisacher, J. Wenzel

17:10     Thickness effect on microstructure and residual stress of annealed copper thin films

R. Vayrette, C. Rivero, S. Blayac, K. Inal

17:30     Evaluation of arc evaporated coatings on rounded surfaces and sharp edges

J. Böhlmark, H. Blomqvist, S. Amerioun, L. Lanvälv, M. Ahlgren

17:50     Residual stresses in strongly-textured EB-PVD thermal barrier coatings: X-ray diffraction and Raman spectroscopy study

N. Zotov, M. Bartsch, L. Chernova, D.A. Schmidt, M. Havenith, G. Eggeler


SESSION: Fatigue relaxation and failure

Chairman: P. Scardi


9:30       Relaxation of Residual Stresses During Recovery Process in Austenitic and Ferritic Steels

R. Wawszczak, A. Baczmański, C. Braham,  W. Seiler, M. Wróbel, K.Wierzbanowski

9:50       Influence of residual stresses on fatigue crack propagation in pearlitic wires

R. Brighenti, S. Vantadori, A. Carpinteri

10:10     Numerical Analysis of Residual Stress Effect on Fatigue Crack Propagation in Bonded Aeronautical Stiffened Panels

I. Meneghin, G. Ivetic, E. Troiani

10:30     Determination of failure criteria in the 16MND5-A508 pressure vessel steel

R. Ouahab, R. Pesci, S. Berveiller, E. Patoor


11:10     Hydrogen accelerated classical rolling contact fatigue and evaluation of the residual stress response

J. Gegner, W. Nierlich

11:30     Integration of residual stresses in the design of mechanical parts

J. Elgueder, L. Roucoules, E. Rouhaud, F. Cochennec

11:50     Analytical and Experimental Approach of Residual Stress on deep-rolled Crankshaft, and their Effect on Fatigue Resistance

H. Michaud, J.M. Sprauel

12:10     Applications and numerical analysis of Laser Shock Peening as a process for generation of compressive residual stresses

G. Ivetic, I. Meneghin, E. Troiani


Monday June 28



Chairman: P. Scardi


8:30       Stresses in Nanosized Materials

Eric J. Mittemeijer


SESSION: Laser Shock Peening and Shot-peening

Chairman: M. Seefeldt


9:30       Experimental and FEM investigation of shot peening

E. Nordin, B. Alfredsson

9:50       Numerical simulations of the shot peening process of materials initially treated by carburizing or carbonitriding

P. Renaud, P. Bristiel, M. Desvignes, R.F. Kubler, L. Barrallier

10:10     Residual stresses in austenitic stainless steel due to high strain rate

K. Suzuki and T. Shobu

10:30     Residual stress relaxation behaviour in Laser shock peened and Foreign object damaged Ti-6Al-4V under complex fatigue loading

S. Zabeen, M. Preuss, S. Spanrad, J. Tong and P.J. Withers


11:10     Forging and Shot-peening contribution on residual stresses for a textured biphasic titanium alloy

C. Deleuze, A. Fabre, L. Barrallier, O. Molinas

11:30     Effects of Brushing and Shot-Peening Residual Stresses on the Fatigue Resistance of Machined Metal Surfaces: Experimental and Predictive Approach

N. Sidhom, H. Sidhom, C. Braham and J. Ledion

11:50     Experimental and numerical analysis of the distribution of residual stresses induced by laser shock peening

N.Hfaiedh, P.Peyre, I.Popa, V.Vignal, W. Seiler, V.Ji

12:10     Approach by simulation of Residual Stress generated by shotpeening and their stability during fatigue cycling

H. Michaud, J.M. Sprauel, C. Braham


SESSION: Composites

Chairman: J. Grum


14:00     A study of local stresses created during the cure process of a composite tooling material

E. Lacoste, S. Fréour, F. Jacquemin

14:20     FE Modelling of the Residual Stresses of PM diamond–metal matrix composites

L. Reis, P.M. Amaral, B. Li,L.G. Rosa, M. de Freitas

14:40     Simulation of residual stresses in composite structures: cured-induced distortions and machining

O. Klinkova, S. Drapier, J.-M. Bergheau

15:00     Micro stresses and reinforcement architectures in diamond particle reinforced aluminum composites for heat sink applications

M. Schöbel, H.P. Degischer, P. Dobron, M. Hofmann, R. Wimpory

15:20     Simulation and Evaluation of Residual Stress in bone at the interface with implant

A. Benmarouane, P. Millet, P. Buslaps, T. and A. Lodini


SESSION: Machining

Chairman: K. Inal


9:30       Local residual stress distributions induced by repeated austenite-martensite transformation via laser surface hardening of steel AISI 4140

V. Kostov, J. Gibmeier, A. Wanner

9:50       Analysis of residual stress induced by hand grinding process

S. Youssef, O. Calonne, E. Feulvarch, Ph. Gilles, H. Hamdi

10:10     Variation of machining-induced residual stress with the radial location for a nickel base powder superalloy

W. Li, P.J.Withers, M. Preuss, J.Shackleton, P. Andrews

10:30     Effect of cutting parameters in the surface residual stress state generated by machining in AISI 4340 steel

V. García Navas, O. Gonzalo


11:10     3D numerical prediction of residual stresses in turning of AISI304L

F. Valiorgue, A. Mondelin, J. Rech, P. Gilles, J.M. Bergheau

11:30     The Sensitivity of Ni-Based Superalloy To Hole Making Operations: Influence of Process Parameters On Subsurface Damage and Residual Stress

J. Shackleton, J. Kwong, D.A. Axinte, P.J. Withers

11:50     Residual Stresses in Tools and Components in Case of Thermo-Mechanical Metal Forming Processes

A. Grüning, M. Lebsanft, B. Scholtes

12:10     Residual Stress Distribution of Carburized Steel after Quenching Evaluated by X-ray Diffraction and Finite Element Methods

Y. Sakaida, S. Yamashita and M. Manzanka


SESSION: Nitriding and thermomechanical treatments

Chairman: A. Baczmański


14:00     Residual stress field analysis and prediction in nitrided tool steel

B. Podgornik, V. Leskovšek, M. Kovačič, J. Vižintin

14:20     Analysis of residual stress development during thermal processing of Al-Si alloys

M. Sadrossadat, S. Johansson

14:40     Residual Stress Fields after Heat Treatment in Cladded Steel of Process Vessels

M.J. Marques, A.C. Batista, J. Rebelo Kornmeier, A. Loureiro

15:00     Residual stress development during nitriding of steels

S. Jegou, L. Barrallier, R. Kubler

15:20     Retained austenite and residual stress evolution in carbonitrided shot peened steel

S.Van Wijk, M. François and E. Sura


15:40     Concluding remarks



1.-         X-ray Residual Stress Measurement of Fiber Reinforced Plastic Composite

M. Kitamura, M. Nishida and T. Hanabusa

2.-         Calculation of X-ray stress factors using vector parameterization and irreducible representations for SO(3) group

A. Benediktovich, I. Feranchuk, A. Ulyanenkov

3.-         Stress measured using Göbel mirror correlated with corrosion behaviour in aluminium alloys

M. Marciszko, A. Baczmański,  J.-P. Chopart, N. Zazi, A. Lodini, K. Wierzbanowski

4.-         Neutron surface residual stress scanning using optimisation of Si bent-perfect-crystal monochromator for minimising spurious strains

J. Rebelo Kornmeier, J. Gibmeier, M. Hofmann, R. Wimpory

5.-         Influence of grain-matrix interaction intensity and lattice rotation definition on predicted residual stresses and textures

M. Wroński, K. Wierzbanowski, A. Baczmański, P. Lipiński and A. Lodini

6.-         Modeling of ultrasonic shot peening: dynamic of shot during the peening process

J. Badreddine, E. Rouhaud, D. Retraint, M. Micoulaut, M. Francois

7.-         Bridging gaps in surface zone residual stress analysis using complementary probes for strain depth profiling

T. Fuß, R. Wimpory, M. Klaus, Ch. Genzel

8.-         DECcalc - A program for the calculation of diffraction elastic constants from single crystal coefficients

T. Manns and B. Scholtes

9.-         Stress analysis in UMo-Al fuel using X-ray diffraction

R. Kubler, L. Barrallier, Ch. Valot, H. Palancher

10.-       Unconventional performance of a highly luminous neutron strain/stress scanner for high resolution studies

B.S. Seong, V. Em, P. Mikula, J. Saroun, M.H. Kang

11.-        Neutron diffraction examination of dislocation density evolution in a bainitic steel after low-cycle fatigue test at elevated temperatures

T. Mayer, V. Davydov, S. R. Holdsworth, P. Lukáš, P. Strunz

12.-       Finite-Element-Method Simulations of Strains for Gold and ZnO nano-crystals

X.Shi, G.Xiong, I.K.Robinson

13.-       Multi-scale and in-situ X-ray determination of residual stresses in SOFC using laboratory techniques and synchrotron radiation micro beam

O. Sicardy, J. Villanova, P. Bleuet, P. Gergaud, R. Fortunier, J.S. Micha, F. Rieutord

14.-       Neutron Diffraction Measurement and Finite Element Method Calculation of Residual Stress in stellite

A. Nady, A. Benmarouane, V. KloseK, M. H. Mathon, A. Lodini

15.-       On the measurement of residual stress in induction hardened parts

V. Savaria, M. Hoseini, F. Bridier, P. Bocher, P. Arkinson

16.-       X-Ray diffraction study of residual stress evolution in pearlitic steel during wet wire drawing

M. Kriska, M. Seefeldt, K. Van Acker

17.-       Residual strains associated with WC-Co coatings thermal sprayed onto metal substrates

A.M. Venter, T. Pirling, T Buslaps, A Steuwer

18.-       Load Partitioning Studies for the Magnesium Base Alloy LAE422 using High Energy Synchrotron Diffraction

J. Gibmeier, C. Fleck, P. Maier

19.-       Current status of TAKUMI - Engineering Materials Diffractometer at MLF of J-PARC

K. Aizawa, S. Harjo, T. Ito, H. Arima, J. Abe, A. Moriai, K. Suzuya, T. Kamiyama

20.-       Thermal fatigue study of hardfaced hot forging tool using numerical analysis and residual stress evaluation

W. Fekih Ahmed, H. Bonnefoy,  A. Lodini

21.-       Comparison of curvature and X-ray methods on residual stress measurements in hard PVD coatings

H. Lille, J. Kõo, A. Gregor, A. Raybchikov, F. Sergejev, R. Traksmaa, P. Kulu

22.-       On simultaneous determination of crystall stresses and parameters of the unstressed unit cell from diffraction data.

V.B. Zlokazov

23.-       Residual stress study of textured material by neutron scattering

V.V.Sumin, A.M.Balagurov, I.V.Papushkin and R.N.Vasin

24.-       Residual Stress and Damage Tolerance Analysis of Single and Multi-Pass Ground Components

S. M. H-Gangaraj, G. H. Farrahi, A. Kiani

25.-       Residual stress distribution of split sleeve vs. sleeve-less cold expansion

Y. Alvandi-Tabrizi, T. N. Chakherlou, A. Kiani

26.-       Advances on NDT methods and technologies for early stage diagnosis of materials

G. Berti, F. De Marco, S. Aldrighetti

27.-       Determination of residual stresses after laser remelting of flame sprayed Fe-Ni-Co-Mo coating

Z. Bergant, J. Grum

28.-       In-situ Neutron Diffraction Study of Deformation Behaviour of Two High-Manganese Austenitic Steels

R. Lin Peng, X.-P. Liu, Y. D. Wang, S.-Y. Zhang, Y.-F. Shen and S. Johansson

29.-       The Effect of Core Microstructural Stability associated with the transformation occurred in the Carburized Surface on Residual Stress Evolution during Tempering

J. Vatavuk, M. Z.i di Monte and A. A. Couto

30.-       Generation of residual stresses and improvement of surface integrity charecteristics by Laser Shock Processing

U. Trdan, J. Grum and M.R. Hill

31.-       Thermal stability and stress relaxation of nanostructured Cu/Nb wires: in situ observation during heat treatment under synchrotron radiation

J.B. Dubois, L. Thilly, P.O. Renault, C. Krauss, F. Lecouturier, M. Di Michiel

32.-       Cutting forces during face milling and resulting macroscopic residual stresses, experimental study of tough steel C45

Z. Pala, K. Kolařík, N. Ganev, J. Jersák, J. Stryal

33.-       The effect of pre-weld rolling on distortion and residual stress in fusion welded steel plate

H. E. Coules, L. D. Cozzolino, P. Colegrove

34.-       Microfocus sources with aspheric multilayer optics for stress analysis on micro area

S. Rodrigues, P. Hoghoj, O. Pacaud, D. Cenda

35.-       Simulation and measurement of residual stresses in a type 316H stainless steel offset repair in a pipe girth weld

S. Hossain, D. M. Goudar, C. E. Truman, D. J. Smith

36.-       Uncertainties in Triaxial Residual Stress Measurements

D. M. Goudar, S. Hossain, C.E. Truman, E.J. Kingston and D.J. Smith

37.-       Residual stress relaxation in welded aluminium alloys under quasistatic and cyclic loading

Th.Nitschke-Pagel, K.Dilger

38.-       Residual Stresses Induced by Laser Peening of Thin Aluminium Plates

M.B. Toparli, M.E. Fitzpatrick

39.-       Modes of microstress equilibrium in textured metal materials

Yu. Perlovich, M. Isaenkova, V. Fesenko

40.-       Numerical simulation of peen forming induced deformations: modelling and experimental validation.

F. Cochennec, E. Rouhaud, B. Flan, L. Roucoules

41.-       Quantifying the drilling effect during the application of incremental hole-drilling technique in laminate composites

J.P. Nobre, J.H. Stiffel, W. Van Paepegem, A. Nau, A.C. Batista, M.J. Marques and B. Scholtes

42.-       Residual stresses due to the welding of cold-rolled steel tubes

M. De Strycker, W. Van Paepegem, L. Schueremans, D. Debruyne

43.-       Characterisation of Residual Stresses in a Welded P91 Steel Pipe Section using Neutron Diffraction

S. Paddea, J.A. Francis, A. Paradowska, P.J. Bouchard and I.A. Shibli

44.-       Experimental Study of Micromechanical Behaviours of Duplex Stainless Steel SAF 2507 and the Influence of Nitrogen Content 

R. Lin Peng, G. C. Chai, T. Stein, T. Manns, and S. Johansson

45.-       Investigation of Residual Stress Distribution of a Wheel Rims using Neutron Diffraction

M. Alessandroni, A. Paradowska, E. Perelli Cippo, R. Senesi, C. Andreani, P.Montedoro, F. Chiti, D. Sala, D. Spinelli, C. Mannini