Conference Topics

ECRS8 covers all topics related to residual stress analysis, including the most significant advancements in the past few years, emerging fields and new methodologies.
Main topics include those in the following list: additional topics may be added at a later time, and participants are invited to make their own suggestions.

TOPIC A -  Experimental methods
A1 - Traditional laboratory techniques
A2 - Strain mapping
A3 - In situ analysis
A4 - New and advanced techniques

TOPIC B -  Theory and Methodology
B1 - Residual stress modelling and computation (micro- and macro-scale)
B2 - Microstrain studies
B3 - Texture-stress relationships
B4 - Grain interaction mechanisms and elasto-plastic behaviour of materials
B5 - Multiscale modelling and scale bridging aspects

TOPIC C -  Applications
C1 - Residual stresses in thin films, coatings, multiphase materials and composites
C2 - Behaviour of components with residual stresses
C3 - Generation of residual stresses by manufacturing and processing of materials
C4 - Residual stresses and phase transformations
C5 - Residual stresses and design
C6 - Residual stress relaxation

Final decisions on titles of conference sessions will be taken by the Int'l Scientific Committee after the collections of abstracts and registrations forms.