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Poverty, deprivation and social exclusion

The 2011 edition of the ECSR, EQUALSOC and University of Trento joint Summer School will be devoted to the analysis of both theoretical and methodological aspects of poverty, deprivation and social exclusion.

The Programme is coordinated by Professor Christopher T. Whelan (University College Dublin and Chairman of the ECSR) and involves a range of contributions by leading scholars in the field of poverty, deprivation and social exclusion. Check out the programme for details.

The format of the Summer School seeks to combine the ECSR comparative advantage in relation to substantive sociological issues with the delivery of more structured complementary methodological training.


More Specifically, the Summer School aims at providing students with a grounding in the following areas:

  • bringing a comparative focus and exploiting the most available data;
  • incorporating a dynamic perspective on deprivation and vulnerability;
  • understanding of how conceptual and methodological choices shape conclusions about poverty and social exclusion;
  • discussing the national and EU-level perspectives and understanding how reference groups are developed and poverty and social exclusion experienced.



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