Call for papers


Interested Ph.D. students and young researchers should apply through the Equalsoc website at the following link: registration. Applications should include:

  • name and address
  • C.V.
  • long abstract of a research paper to be presented during the afternoon seminars (about 500 words)


Application deadline: 29th of May 2011.
Notification on acceptance: 15th of June 2011-04-2.
Final paper submission deadline: 7th of August 2011.


Successful candidates will be granted a refund of stay expenses.
About 25 Ph.D students and young researchers will be hosted. Those coming from ecsr or equalsoc institutions will be also refunded their travel expenses, provided that they do not exceed 350.00 €.

Financial support for the Summer School is provided by the University of Trento, ECSR and the EQUALSOC Network of Excellence.
TSM (Trentino School of Management) will grant the right to free use of the conference room at the Conference Centre Panorama.

Admission procedure

  • participants will be selected on the basis of the long abstract of their papers and CVs;
  • participants can present papers about any aspect related to the topic of the School. Papers can focus on any European nation, but comparative studies are encouraged;
  • admitted participants should mail their full papers by 7th of August 2011.