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Risk elicitation and stated preference methods for climate change research


The issue of climate change is characterized by a high degree of risk and uncertainty with regard to the outcomes of the future variation of climatic parameters, their consequences on environmental and economic systems, and the effects of related mitigation and adaptation policies.

Since both risk perceptions and risk attitudes influences behaviour, risk elicitation becomes a relevant topic in climate change research both from a scientific and policy perspective. Scientific challenges include, among others, eliciting risk perception and preferences both in laboratory settings and in the field, dealing with “endogenous” risks, addressing ambiguity, and understanding factors that can influence risk attitudes and perception. On the normative side, a better understanding of risk perception and risk attitudes has important policy implication not only in designing and implementing effective and efficient policies but also because the public acceptability of climate change mitigation and adaptation policies can determine their success or failure.

The necessary inclusion of risk in stated preference studies concerning climate change policies represents a significant challenge because of its inherent complexity. The Workshop aims at contributing to the ongoing debate over risk elicitation and its inclusion in climate change preference elicitation, dealing with both methodological and empirical issues. Special emphasis will be given on modelling risk preferences in environmental and agro-food economics, given the relevance of risk and uncertainty in consumers and farmers decisions that contribute to climate change as well as decision taken to mitigate the effects of climate change. Contributions from transport and energy economics are also welcome. 

Registrations are open




Roberta Raffaelli, University of Trento
Sandra Notaro, University of Trento
Geremia Gios, University of Trento
Trudy Ann Cameron, University of Oregon
Riccardo Scarpa, University of Waikato-NZ
Douglass Shaw, Texas University TAMU

The workshop will take place at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Trento


Deadline Papers:  September 30
Extended registration deadline: October 18




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