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E-PRICE price-based control of electrical power systems

The recent globalization, liberalization, and diversification of the energy market  urge the solution to both long-standing and new technical and economical challenges. Besides conventional issues like the finite capacity of the power grid and the difficulty of storing energy, several new problems arise: The use of renewables and the steadily increasing number of stakeholders make the entire supply-chain of energy much more unpredictable and fast evolving, power plant operations and trading strategies are growing ever more intertwined.

The E-PRICE European project addresses these challenges by proposing new engineering techniques for solving real-time decision-making problems. The project collects and blends together innovative ideas from the different disciplines of control, computing, communication, economics, and of course power systems. Its ultimate goal is the development of an ICT platform that assists the decision maker in optimizing economic objectives under constraints on plant and grid operations.

The event includes a small workshop on "Research challenges and opportunities in the future energy market", in which selected speakers have been invited to provide industrial and academic perspectives and activities, followed by a technical progress meeting of the E-PRICE project partners (TU Eindhoven, Univ. of Trento, ETH Zurich, KEMA N.V., ABB, APX-Group, Operational Research Systems, TenneT Holding B.V.)

The event is free of charge. The workshop is fully open to the public.  



Prof. Alberto Bemporad  (Department of Mechanical and Structural 
Engineering, University of Trento)
Prof. Dario Petri (Department of Information Engineering and 
Computer Science, University of Trento)
Prof. Massimo Riccaboni (Department of Computer and Management 
Sciences, University of Trento)


“E-PRICE - Price-based Control of Electrical Power Systems”, 7th Framework Programme, ICT-2009.6.3 “ICT for energy efficiency”, Contract no. 249096

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