Workshop & Chairs

Workshops and chairs

The 5th EZPM promotes the participation of young PIs to the organization of this strategic meeting. The format of the meeting is centered around parallel workshops led by specialists in different fields, who are willing to stimulate the development of new ideas through coordination of presentations and productive discussion.

Participants will be asked to distribute themselves through 3 concurrent workshops as space in the rooms is limited.


Development Patrick Blader, Toulouse, France
(Epi)genome and transcriptional regulation Nadine Vastenhouw, Dresden, Germany
Tech-shop: genetic engineering, screening and platforms Christina Mosimann, Zurig, Switzerland
Morphogenesis Caren Norden, Dresden, Germany
Metabolism Philipp Gut, Lausanne, Switzerland
Genomics Ferenc Mueller, Birmingham, UK
LR ASYMMETRY & CILIA Susana Lopes, Lisbon, Portugal
(Cardio)vascular Massimo Santoro, Padova, Italy
Germ Cells Roland Dosch, Goettingen, Germany
(Neuro)disease models Bettina Schmid, Munich, Germany
Imaging Albrecht Haase, Trento, Italy
Aging, DDR & Cancer Marina Mione, Trento, Italy
Hematopoiesis Eirini Trompouki, Freiburg, Germany
Neural Circuits Filippo del Bene, Paris, France & Isaac Bianco, London, UK
Cancer  Ewa Snaar-Jagalska, Leiden, The Netherlands
Immunity & Inflammation Baubak Bajoghli, Tubingen, Germany
Stem Cell Plasticity Caghan Kizil, Dresden, Germany
Regeneration Nadia Mercader, Berne, Switzerland



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CIBIO-Centre for Integrative Biology
University of Trento
Maria Caterina Mione


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