Social events

Malcesine CastleWelcome reception at Conference Center Panorama
Excursion on Garda lake and visit at Malcesine Castle on 17th afternoon.



The social dinner will take place at the Restaurant Castel Toblino

Noted for its romantic legends, Castel Toblino is a rare example in Trentino of a lake fortification. Originally it was probably a prehistoric, then Roman, fortified village, built on a large island in the lake which, when the water level dropped, became a peninsula.
Very soon the original religious purpose of the site became a military one, given its strategic position.
The round tower, almost the symbol of the castle, is twenty metres high and acted as a keep by strengthening the wall which closed off the top of the fortified crag of rock.
In 1848 it has been the stronghold of the Italian Free Corps, who were attempting to bring Trentino under Italian rule.
At the beginning of the century it was launched as a tourist attraction, capitalising on its excellent vinsanto and on a legend of forbidden love.



We are also planning to organize an excursion which is currently in progress.