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International Graduate Conference

International Graduate Conference
“Veterans or Socialists? Socialism and Militarism in the Nationalist and Protofascist Movements and Regimes (1918 – 1945)”

Gustavo Corni and Sara Lorenzini (Trento), Robert Gerwarth (Dublin)
Organized by:
Dipartimento di Filosofia, Storia e Beni culturali - Università di Trento
Centre for War Studies - University College Dublin


Friday, 25 May

h. 14 - 19
Opening remarks by Gustavo Corni & Sara Lorenzini

First Session: Italy And Germany

  • Pierluigi Pironti, The “Thanks of the Fatherland”. War disabled Organizations in postwar Germany and Italy (1918-1923)
  • Alessandro Salvador, The social politics of the Stahlhelm Veteran's league: between trench- and national-socialism
  • Anders G. Kjostvedt, Striking for the Volksgemeinschaft. The National Socialist Movement in Berlin and its Relationship to Labour Conflicts, 1925-1933
  • Alban Bargain-Villger, A Challenging Segment: The French and German Socialists and Veteran Associations in Brittany and Bavaria, 1918-1933/40

Commentators: Giulia Albanese, Richard Bessel

Saturday, 26 May

h. 9 – 12.30
Second Session: National and regional cases

  • Angel Alcalde Fernandez, Francoist war veterans and the ‘New State’: social benefits and the consolidation of the Franco dictatorship in Spain (1939-1945)
  • Adrian Grant, ‘The IRA and the Irish working class, 1923-36: new perspectives on inter-war Irish republicanism.’
  • Joanna Urbanek, Memory of the World War I and Veterans in Crisis of Democratic States. The Case of Poland
  • John Paul Newman, 'Warriors against Politics: The Failure of Welfare Provisions as a Source of Authoritarianism in Interwar Yugoslavia'
  • Victor Lundberg, ‘Workers of Hand and Mind. The Fascist Labour Movement in Sweden 1930-1945’
  • Tomas Balkelis, 'Social Activism of the Baltic Paramilitary Movements during the Interwar Period'

Commentator: Friedrich Lenger

h. 14 - 17
Third Session: Ideas and ideologies

  • Tommaso Milani, A moral equivalent of socialism? Hendrik De Man and the First World War as a political laboratory
  • Floris Daniel Knegt, French Intellectual Fascism and the Discovery of the Social: The Case of Bertrand de Jouvenel and Alfred Fabre-Luce
  • Jakub Drabik, „All within the State, none outside the State, none against the State.“Oswald Mosley´s idea of the corporative State in Great Britain
  • commentator: Robert Gerwarth

h. 17.30 – 19
Final discussion

The chair of Contemporary history at the University of Trento organises for the years 2012-2015 a series of graduate conferences in cooperation with renowned research institutions throughout Europe.
The conferences will explore especially innovative research fields and privilege a strong comparative emphasis. The aim is to foster both the dialogue between different traditions in historiography and the exchange between generations.


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