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Inter-firm networks: a law and economics approach

The Summer School on “Inter-firm networks: a Law and Economics approach” aims to examine the main theoretical approaches to networks, seen as a model for governing cooperation among economic actors.
The course is characterized by an interdisciplinary approach, which seeks to combine economic and legal analysis. In this perspective the goal is to guide the theoretical analysis towards the understanding of current phenomena and issues; among them: the governance of the supply chain in the global market, the organizational choices related to internationalization and innovation strategies, the production of public goods and the strengthening of social capital within the relations among firms and the relationships between firms and their stakeholders. What role do networks play in these areas? How are they designed and which contractual or organizational models are used? What is the importance of network design in a context of increasingly changing boundaries of the firms? How does market structure influence networks' formation? What is the impact of networks on firms' employees, consumers and other stakeholders?

Scientific Committee

Fabrizio Cafaggi (University of Trento, European University Institute)
Paola Iamiceli (University of Trento)
Lorenzo Sacconi (University of Trento, Econometica)


Online registration is open.