On the evening of Wednesday, April 2nd, a welcome reception will take place, the dinner will also be served at the hotel.

The talks will begin Thursday 3rd in the morning and will end Saturday 5th in the evening.

In the box on your right please find the scientific programme, the list of participants and the posters.

The poster session will begin on Thursday 3rd and will stay during the whole conference. 

Invited speakers and discussion leaders:

M. Antezza (LKB - ENS Paris)
A. Aspect (Institut d'Optique, Paris)
F. Biraben (LKB - CNRS)
I. Bloch (Johannes Gutenberg University)
S. Boixo (University of New Mexico)
P. Bouyer (Institut d' Optique, Paris)
J. H. Choi (M.I.T.)
P. Cladè (LKB - CNRS)
J. Dalibard (ENS, Paris)
E. Demler (Harvard University)
Q. Diot (JILA)
W. Ertmer (Leibniz University, Hannover)
F. Gerbier (ENS, Paris)
R. Glauber (Harvard University)
S. Haroche (ENS, Paris)
E. A. Hinds (Imperial College, London)
M. Inguscio (LENS, Florence)
M. A. Kasevich (Stanford University)
D. Leibfried (NIST, Boulder)
P. Meystre (University of Arizona)
A. Micheli (University of Innsbruck)
G. Modugno (LENS, Florence)
H. C. Naegerl (University of Innsbruck)
M. Oberthaler (Heidelberg University)
L. Pezzè (Institut d'optique, Palaiseau)
W. D. Phillips (JQI-NIST)
D. Pritchard (MIT)
E. M. Rasel (University of Hannover)
C. Salomon (ENS, Paris)
A. Sanpera (ICREA, Barcellona)
J. Schmiedmayer (Wien University)
T. Schumm (Wien University)
A. Smerzi (CNR BEC-INFM, Trento)
S. Stringari (CNR BEC-INFM, Trento)
J. Ye (NIST and University of Colorado)
W. H. Zurek (LANL, Los Alamos)