Programme: lectures and workshops

The following is a brief summary of the scheduled lectures and workshops.
After registering on Thursday, 19th February or on Friday morning, (for those partners who are arriving late on Thursday evening), welcome meetings and case introduction have been scheduled for Friday afternoon. Lectures and workshops will commence on Saturday, 21st February.
On day five, Monday the 23rd February, international students who will work together in groups of five or six people, will be required to submit their online questionnaires (17:30pm is the deadline for submission).
The next day, Tuesday 24th, a Symposium (Company cases presentation and debate) will take place from 14:30-18:00pm.
On day eight, Thursday 26th February, students in their groups will be required to submit their intermediate reports.
On day ten, Saturday, 28th February, groups will have their final presentations take place from 09:00am-12:00pm.
Lastly, an evaluation of the programme and debriefing by the teachers will take place on Sunday, 1st March.
For further details please download the EuroSurvey 2009 programme attached as PDF file.

To all delegates that will arrive late on Thursday or during the week, an online stream of the events taking place in the conference hall will be available to be seen on the website:

To use this service you will need to first download RealPlayer from the website <>


20/2/09 - case introduction Salomon

20/2/09 - case introduction LaSportiva

24/2/09 - symposium-company cases presentation and debat ì

28/2/09 - award ceremony