The IEEE ISC2 2016 industry panels are opportunities to share and discuss the latest ideas, trends or cutting-edge topics in the field of Smart Cities, with the active participation of practitioners, researchers and interested stakeholders.


Strategic research and innovation agenda for transportation and mobility: European national and local perspectives

Transportation and mobility have significantly evolved according to industry and human needs.

In the last decades, we are participating to a strong vehicle innovation, mainly enabled by information and communication technology (ICT) and driven by ecological, safe and efficiency needs.

This event will emphasize the recent evolution of transportation and mobility, especially, by highlighting the new European challenges the OEMs have to face with the future products to meet the overall goals in terms of emission and safety. Focus will be addressed on the key role of ICT.

Technology (e.g., hardware miniaturization, positioning system, mobile technology, connected technology and software), industry (e.g., automotive, telecommunication, new economy), mobility (e.g., convergence of public and private mobility, clean energy vehicles, connected vehicles, autonomous vehicles), and human society (e.g., hyper-urbanization, smart-cities, new business opportunities, new generational views) are co-evolving and influencing each other. In this context, the strategic research and innovation agenda for transportation and mobility will be analyzed: starting from an European vision, it will be highlighted how the overall goals are interpreted at National and Local level (Province of Trento) where a specific system initiative called "Digital Vehicles on digital Roads" has been recently launched, involving all stakeholders. In the tutorial, the system initiative will be described highlighting objectives, roles and activities of involved partners.


  • Enrico Pisino, Head of Vehicle Research & Innovation, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) and President of Trasporti Italia 2020 Association, Italy
    Enrico Pisino was appointed Head of Vehicle Research and Innovation, FCA in May, 2013. In the current role, he has responsibility for managing and directing Research and Innovation activities for: new features for vehicle programs, innovation processes to identify emerging technologies, ensuring overall alignment of innovation programs with Fiat’s and Chrysler’s brands, competitive marketplace and technology development, transferability of technological innovation among vehicle platforms, the development of best practices and tools for design and engineering, as well as ensuring full commercialization and implementation to products.
    Enrico Pisino was appointed President of "Trasporti Italia 2020 Association", the Italian Technological Cluster on Surface Transportation in May, 2016. The Cluster association mission is to link the value-chains of surface mobility in order to promote innovation culture together with economic growth by means of networking and leveraging synergies.
    Enrico Pisino is also:
    • Chairman of the FCA Innovation Coordination Committee (from January 2014)
    • Design Systems Director at EMEA FCA: Virtual Analysis and Assessment, BOM and project change management, New features development, Weight Management and Optimization (from July 2015)
    • EUCAR Council Member (from January 2015)
    • Chairman of the EUCAR Sustainable Propulsion Strategic Research & Innovation Pillar


  • Antonio Fuganti, Head of CRF (Fiat Research center) Trento and FCA Program manager for advanced product concepts, Italy
    Antonio Fuganti developed his path in the automotive sector (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) starting from innovation, moving then to product development through various assignments, focusing also on transfer innovation within industrialization.
    Multidisciplinary and multicultural organization management thanks to the global collaboration through all Regions (EMEA, NAFTA, LATAM and APAC), enabled by specific job assignments (also based on European Commission funded projects).
    Past experience:
    • Head of EMEA C/D vehicle architecture development (FCA)
    • Head of EMEA standardization and Bench-marking (FCA)
    • Head of Vehicle Design Department (CRF)
    • Head of Materials Engineering Department (CRF)

    Additional information on Antonio Fuganti:
    • Member of the board of the German Association "Automotive Circle International"
    • Member of the board of EIT-KIC ICT Italy

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