Paper presentation rules

Instructions for presenters

All presentations at the IEEE Second International Smart Cities Conference (ISC2) will be oral. The duration of each presentation depends on the type of paper, i.e.:

  • for regular (i.e. full) papers: max 14 minutes (plus 4 minutes for possible questions)
  • for short and abstract/demo papers: max 9 minutes (plus 3 minutes for possible questions)

The session chair is authorized to interrupt the presentation if the speaker exceeds the limits above.

Speakers are required to report to the session chair 10-15 minutes BEFORE the beginning of the session in which they are supposed to present. A projector and a PC will be available in every room. Technical assistance will also be available. All speakers are supposed to bring with them:

  • a very short biography (max 5 lines) to be delivered to the session chair, printed in a paper sheet, to allow him/her to introduce each speaker properly
  • a copy of their presentation(s) in .ppt, .pptx or .pdf format on a USB pen-drive to upload it in the available PC
  • presenters willing to use their own laptop are required to bring a VGA adapter (if needed) to connect the PC with the projector

To avoid unpleasant surprises during presentation speakers are also invited to check the correct visualization of all slides before the session begins.

IEEE "no-show" policy

In accordance with IEEE policy, a conference paper will be submitted to the IEEE Xplore digital library only if the paper is presented by one of the authors at the conference. "No-shows" are not tolerated and they will bring to the exclusion of the paper from the online version of the Proceedings.

Session chair responsibilities

Fulfilling session chair responsibilities is critically important for the success of the conference and provides a great service to one’s colleagues.

Session chairs are responsible for:

  • reading the technical program for information about the session
  • familiarizing themselves with the papers scheduled for their session and the designated speakers’ name and affiliation prior to the session
  • being in the session room at least 10 minutes before of the beginning of the session to:
  1. check for any late program updates
  2. meet session co-chair(s)
  3. meet and assist the speakers
  4. collect speakers’ short biography to introduce them
  5. ensure that all presentations are pre-loaded in the PC before the session begins
  • starting the session at the scheduled time
  • introducing the session topic
  • introducing each paper and its speaker
  • maintaining the program schedule by ensuring that speakers do not exceed the time allotted for their presentation and that some time is left for at least one or two questions. Please remember that due to strict time constraints the expected duration of each presentation is the following:
  1. regular (i.e. full) papers: max 14 minutes (plus 4 minutes for possible questions)
  2. short and abstract/demo papers: max 9 minutes (plus 3 minutes for possible questions).

NOTE: sessions are allowed to exceed the scheduled time by about 5 minutes

  • closing the session with some remarks

If some time is still available at the end of a session, one of the following options is suggested:

  • opening an extended Q&A session for speakers who have already presented
  • having one controversial topics ready for discussion
  • opening the floor for discussion on any topic of interest to the audience

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact one of the TPC chairs, Soufiene Djahel and Bernardo Tellini.


At the end of a session, the chairs MUST immediately report to the Secretariat Desk possible "no-shows" of some presenter. This is a strong IEEE requirement, because, according to IEEE policy, papers that are not presented at the Conference cannot be included in the IEEExplore database.