Submission Procedure

Tutorial proposals should be submitted in one all-in-one PDF file (not exceeding 5 pages single column, minimum 11 pt font size) and must include the following sections:

  • Title
  • Abstract, describing (in no more than 500 words) the main focus and topics to be addressed
  • Motivation, explaining why the tutorial is appropriate for ICS2 2016
  • Intended Audience, a description of the primary and secondary audiences interested in the tutorial topic, explaining how these audiences can benefit from the tutorial
  • Logistics, describing any requirements for the tutorial room, and any requirements for participants (e.g. prerequisite knowledge)
  • Name of each tutorial speaker and, where appropriate, the topics each of them will cover in the tutorial
  • Contact Information of the Instructor, including institutional affiliation(s), address, telephone number, and email address
  • A short CV for each tutorial speaker (no more than 300 words per person), emphasizing the research and teaching experience and/or accomplishments related to the topic of the tutorial

Proposals must be submitted by email to no later than the deadline specified at the webpage Authors.

Acceptance criteria

Tutorial proposals will be assessed based on their relevance to the conference topics, their estimated benefit for prospective participants and their fit within the tutorials program as a whole. Selection factors include: relevance, timeliness, importance, audience appeal, and speaker qualification and experience. Selection is also based on a balance between different topics, expected attendance, and background of the intended audiences. Thus, not all tutorials of technical merit might be accommodated.