Workshops proposals should be submitted in one all-in-one PDF file (not exceeding 5 pages single column, minimum 11 pt font size) and must include the following sections:

1. Title

2. Scope and topics

3. Rationale:

a. Why the workshop is related to ISC2-2016
b. Why the topic is updated and relevant
c. Why the workshop may attract a significant number of submissions of quality
d. Why the workshop differs from conferences tracks

4. Tentative committee lists (organizers, steering committee if any, presenters etc.):

a. A short CV for each organizer (no more than 300 words per person)

5. Workshop tentative schedule

6. If the workshop is not new, information about its previous editions (where it was held, number of papers submitted and accepted, number of participants)

Please include a draft of call for participation, if available.

Proposals must be submitted by email to no later than the deadline specified at the webpage Authors.

Early submission is encouraged, as decisions will be made on a rolling basis.