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International Study Group on Export and Productivity

ISGEP, the International Study Group on Exports and Productivity is a platform for collaboration between research teams from around the world that study firm behavior in international markets using micro-data. Looking at the linkages between internationalization and various dimensions of firm performance is an extremely fruitful approach to understand the drivers of country competitiveness. ISGEP annual workshops stimulate active knowledge exchange and joint research projects.

The 2013 meeting focuses on the impact of financial factors on firm choices and behavior. As a leading expert in the area of financial economics, we are pleased to have Prof. Alessandra Guariglia (University of Birmingham) to deliver a keynote speech.

A selection of the papers presented at the workshop will be published in a special session of the journal Industrial and Corporate Change, after the usual refereeing process.




Stefano Schiavo - University of Trento
Chiara Tomasi - University of Trento



prof. Stefano Schiavo