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Sustainable tourism practices for the development of marginal regions

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The workshop on "Sustainable tourism practices for the development of marginal regions" will be a unique opportunity for all the partners involved in the Listen to the Voice of Villages project to come together and share, with the help of international experts, the state of the art of the knowledge on responsible tourism and to analyze the case history of best practices in the organization and marketing of the sustainable rural tourism offer.

After a morning session open to the public the workshop will continue with three different parallel sessions which will bring the focus on specific topics related to sustainable tourism. Each of the project partner’s member will have the opportunity to attend the session that better meets the need of deepening the analysis on specific issues. The workshop will host two international guests who have an acknowledged competence on the matters related to sustainable and responsible tourism: Dr. Xavier Font, Director of Studies at ICRT Leeds (UK) and Prof. John Hull, Associate Director at the New Zealand Tourism Research Institute.

The project is implemented through the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by ERDF.


The admission to the workshop is free of charge and open to the public in the morning session.

Please register online if you intend to participate.

The workshop is promoted in the framework of Central Europe, a European Union program that encourages cooperation between countries in Central Europe in order to improve innovation, accessibility and the environment and to enhance the competitiveness and attractiveness of their cities and regions.



eTourism Research Group Department of Computer and Management Sciences Faculty of Economics University of Trento
via Inama 5, 38122 Trento

Dr. Fabio Sacco
Dr. Stefano Andreotti

Autonomous Province of Trento Division for European Affairs and Local Development
Dr.ssa Lara Torghele