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MIMMO.BIO - Mathematical Innovative Methods and MOdels of BIOsciences

Mathematical modelling and methods in biosciences is a very broad and exciting area of research in applied mathematics that includes and blends the fields of dynamical systems, partial differential equations, stochastic PDEs, numerical analysis, computational mathematics, biostatistics, and others.

Professor Mimmo Iannelli has made substantial contributions in many of these fields, has established study programs and courses, as well as many fruitful collaborations for research with applications in ecology, demography, and epidemiology.

On the occasion of his 65th birthday, it is only appropriate that disciples, friends, family, colleagues and collaborators all gather to present some state-of-the-art elements of the legacy Mimmo has built and continues to build.


Scientific Committee

Odo Diekmann, University of Utrecht;
Antonio Fasano, University of Florence;
Michel Langlais, Université Bordeaux Segalen;
Fabio Milner, Arizona State University;
Andrea Pugliese, University of Trento;
Glenn Webb, Vanderbilt University.

Organizing Committee

Fabio Milner, Arizona State University;
Andrea Pugliese, University of Trento.

The conference will be held at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Trento (Conference Room), via Inama 5, Trento






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