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F. Impellizzeri (Rovereto) - From Rovereto to Vancouver 2010: project and numbers
H. Schoenhuber (Milano) - Prevention and treatment of training injuries in Italian Alpine Skiers
B. Pellegrini, N. Fabre (Rovereto) - Assessment for training: testing for National Olympic Teams
R. Manzoni (Milano) - An integrated approach to Alpine Skiing Trainers Education
H. Hoppeler (Berna) - Muscle response to exercise training in hypoxia
R. Mancinelli (Chieti) - The transcriptional profile of vastus lateralis muscles of climbers exposed to extreme work and to high altitude
P. Cerretelli (Milano) - Revisiting energy metabolism at altitude on the basis of recent findings of molecular physiology
J.H. Macdonald, S.J. Oliver (Bangor) - Hypoxic acclimatisation: effect on health & performance
G. Millet (Losanna) - Hypoxic training in intermittent sports - innovations and perspectives
N. Prommer (Bayeruth) - Erythropoietic stimulation of different types of altitude training
F. Formenti (Oxford) - A genetic disease of the hypoxia inducible factor pathway alters skeletal muscle metabolism in humans
P. Tesch (Ostersund) - Muscle training for alpine skiing
N. Petrone (Padova) - The role of technology and research for a safe development of alpine skiing
B. Hotter (Innsbruck) - Injuries and helmet use among recreational mountain bike riders in Tirol
A. Rouard (Chambery) - Effects of fatigue on the dynamic model of the cross country cycle
A. Rosponi (Rovereto) - Assessment of rock climbing performance in recreational and competitive climber
G. Fanò (Chieti) - Manaslu expedition: functional adaptation to extreme environmental conditions
C. Reggiani (Padova) - Cellular and molecular adaptations of skeletal muscles in seven mountaineers during the ascent to Manaslu
C. Capelli (Verona) - Oxygen deficit and cardiovascular oxygen transport after prolonged exposure to hypobaric hypoxia
M. Mössner (Innsbruck) - Simulation of the dynamics and reaction forces in bob sledge running
K. Schindelwig (Innsbruck) - Comparison of inline skates regarding stability and energy expenditure
G.L. Salvagno, G. Lippi (Verona) - Biochemical adaptations in endurance athletes: from the field to the benchside
S. Maffiuletti (Zurigo) - Physical activity guidelines for overweight and obese subjects
P. Bouquet, F. Bazzanella (Trento) - UniFit at UniTrento: including sport activities among the academic proposals
E. Borg (Stockholm) - Borg-scales - why so good? Basic principles and some applications
F. Schena (Rovereto) - Central and peripheral adaptation to oxygen uptake in ageing
S. Marcora (Bangor) - Psychobiological limitations to exercise performance