Competition for the project and the Negrelli prize

Project proposal:  “A road bridge already dealt with by Negrelli, defined and developed from a typological, constructional and yard standpoint in Zurich”.

How would you develop the proposal?


The Münster bridge - Zurigo

The Münster bridge - Zurigo

The Münster bridge on the Limmat river is one of Zurich’s most elegant bridges. After an earlier span had collapsed sending about 40 people into the waters of the Limmat river, with no fatalities, the City fathers eventually commissioned Engineer Negrelli to design a replacement of the bridge which was completed in 1838. At the time, stone bridges were built over wooden timber frames and Architect Ferdinand Stadler was responsible for the carpentry.

Project proposal of Münster bridge in Zurich

Project proposal of Münster bridge in Zurich


In order to celebrate 150 years after the death of Engineer Luigi Negrelli the Promoters have issued a prizes’ call on the Műnster bridge on the Limmat river in Zurich. The purpose of the competition represents a challenge to the modern profession, in order to allow specialists and in particular the younger ones to put forward their innovative ideas through revisiting a problem already faced by Negrelli himself.

Can contemporary techniques and technologies devise more competitive and performing solutions than the architecting and engineering conquests achieved by Negrelli in 19th century?

The competition is reserved to students of the Engineering and Architecture, or even to graduates of similar degrees, provided they are below 30 years of age, according to the prize’s rules.

Resources about the Műnster bridge on the Limmat in Zurich can be found in files to download at resources box.

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