Trento 04 June 2008 – time 14.30   
1st Technical-lay Seminar   
Sala Grande della Regione Room, Piazza Dante

Previous commemorations and the present one, related to 150 years after Negrellis death, are summarized in the seminar. Then, a short biography of Luigi Negrelli is presented and the topic of railway bridges, both from a historical and a modern viewpoint, is introduced.
Speech held by prof. Macchi
Speech held by prof.ssa Ferrari

Trento  02 July 2008 – time 14.30
Technical Seminar on Negrelli’s Work   
Room 2R, Faculty of Engineering, University of Trento

In view of the competition, the projects of Negrelli are presented in the technical seminar from an architectural, railway, structural and planning standpoint.
Speech held by prof. Mauro
Speech held by prof. Bursi

Trento 18 September 2008 – time 14.30
2st Technical-lay Seminar   
Room R2, Faculty of Engineering, University of Trento

Luigi Negrelli is presented in this seminar in his historical-economical context and the topic in transportation progress is introduced.
Speech held by prof. Leonardi


Merano 10-11 Octobre 2008 - time 14.30
Conference Room of Academy of Italian German Studies, Via Innerhofer 1   
The activities and achievements of Luigi Negrelli in Northern Europe in view of the Project Competition are presented in this conference.
Speech held by Accademia di Studi Italo-Tedeschi
Fiera di Primiero 07 November  2008 - time 14.30
Technical-lay Conference and Awarding of Prizes*
Loc. Pieve di Transacqua - Viale Marconi, 3

The activities of Luigi Negrelli relevant to railway network in the Lombard-Venice Kingdom and the links with Northern Europe are presented in this conference. Moreover, problems related to infrastructures and modern forms of transportation are studied in depth.
Speech held by Prof.ssa Maria Luisa Ferrari

*Prizes call:  A road bridge already dealt with by Negrelli, defined and developed from a typological, constructional and yard standpoint in Zurich.

The purpose of the competition is to thoroughly analyse the figure of Engineer Luigi Negrelli as a man and a scientist and to communicate his ideas from a modern viewpoint to lay people and especially to young people. In doing so, we hope to encourage more young people into engineering or other studies