NET2008: Meeting Programme

All lectures will be held in the Faculty of Sociology, Piazza Venezia 41, Classroom 411, 4th floor.

1. - Thursday 12, June 



Welcome speech, prof. Davide La Valle (head of the department of Sociology) and prof. Mario Diani (dean of the Faculty of Sociology) 
14.45 Invited lecture: Raffaele Corrado - Structure, Agency, Complexity and Models of Network Evolution
  Networks in Finance (chairman Rosanna Grassi)
15.45  Ownership, Control and Hierarchical Paths in Networks of Firms - Giulia Rotundo, Anna Maria D'Arcangelis
16.15 Corporate Board Network and Efficiency in the Italian Stock Exchange - Rosanna Grassi, Arturo Patarnello, Ewelina Szpilska
16.45 Coffee break
  Industrial Sector Networks (chairman Massimo Riccaboni)
17.00  Interdependent Preferences with Heterogeneous Consumers - Fabio Tramontana, Ahmad Naimzada
17.30  The persistence of Leadership in Business Firm Networks - Massimo Riccaboni, Maksim Kirtsak, Shlomo Havlin, Fabio Pammolli, Eugene Stanley

2. - Friday 13, June

  Industrial Sector Networks (chairman Gian Italo Bischi)


Research Dynamics Networks in a Oligopoly Market - Ahmad Naimzada, Fabio Tramontana
9.30  Social Entrepreneurship Effects on the Emergence of Cooperation in networks - Arianna Dal Forno, Ugo Merlone 
10.00  International Trade and Financial Integration: a weighted Network Analysis - Giorgio Fagiolo, Javier Reyes, Stefano Schiavo
10.30  Networks of R&D collaboration in oligopoly competition with spillover - Gian Italo Bischi, Fabio Lamantia 
11.00  Coffee break 
11.15  Invited lecture: Steve Borgatti - Models of Centrality in Network Analysis Today 
  Networks and Social Structure (chairman Emanuela Todeva)
14.15 IT Communication Networks and Privacy Perception among Classmates - Francesca Odella
14.45 The Network of Sports in Italy - Laura Savoia 
15.15  Network Dynamics and Evolution: in search for understanding of network processes - Emanuela Todeva 
15.45  Coffee break 

FBK contribution - student corner (chairman Stefano Benati) - An Analysis of FBK Internal Social Network

3. - Saturday 14, June 

  New Indices and Methods for Network Analysis (chairman Marco Fattore)
9.00  From Centrality to Power: the calculation of the Banzhaf Index for Graphs Games - Stefano benati, Serena Ciani, Romeo Rizzi 
9.30  Some Trees  Topological Descriptors - Silvana Stefani, Anna Torriero
10.00  A Fuzzy Logic Based Approach for Social Networks Analysis - Matteo Brunelli 
10.30  Representing Poverty Complexity by Fuzzy Partial Orders and Graphs - Marco Fattore, Paola Annoni
11.00  Coffee break 
11.15  Invited lecture: Vladimir Batagelj - Algorithms for analysis of large networks