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NET 2012 International Workshop on Network models in statistics, economics and social sciences

From Twitter to the networks of political alliances, the diffusion of new technologies and even Government defaults, the notion of network is pervading modern science. Networks are used to model and predict the outcome of social, economic and biological systems. But what are the current trends and the new methodologies on which the research is focusing?

Net 2012 is gathering all scholars that are using network models for their research, in any field of application, e.g. economics, sociology and physics, and their methodological development, e.g. graph theory, statistics and computer science. Contributions about forecasting models are especially welcome.

The participation to the workshop is free, you are only requested to communicate your attendance to program some common activity (e.g. coffee breaks and others).

Abstract (max 1000 words) should be sent to


Organizing and scientific committee:


Stefano Benati (Università di Trento)

Antonio Chiesi (Università di Milano, Statale)

Stefano Schiavo (Università di Trento)

Giuseppe Vittucci Marzetti (Università di Milano Bicocca)

Faculty of Sociology (aula Kessler), University of Trento


Abstract deadline: 2 october, 2012

Author notification: 12 october, 2012


For scientific matters:

prof. Stefano Benati
Facoltà di Sociologia
Dipartimento di Sociologia e Ricerca Sociale

For organizing matters:

Events, Magazines and Internal Communication Office