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Neural Stem Cells in Development and Disease

The Summer School on “Neural Stem Cells in Development and Disease” will cover a series of biological subjects relating to neural stem cells, their involvement in brain diseases and their potential use in regenerative medicine.

The lectures will be organized into 5 sections covering main topics on neural stem cells and CNS development; brain cancer stem cells; molecular bases of neurodevelopmental disorders; stem-cell based therapy for neurodegenerative disorders; targeting brain cancer stem cells.
Lecturers will bring the most up-to-date results and theories to the students, making this School a valuable resource for young researchers starting out in this fast-moving and expansive field.

The school is open to all postgraduate research students, postdoctoral researchers and senior researchers from universities, research institutes and industry. A maximum of 40 participants will be selected on the basis of their CV, publications and submitted abstract.

Plenary talks will be focused on broad topics; extensive discussions, poster sessions and meetings will promote the interaction of PhD students and postdocs with leading experts in the field. Sessions dedicated to oral presentations selected from participants are also planned. At the end of the school, two prizes will be assigned, one for the best poster and one for the best oral presentation.


Important dates

Notification of decision: end of July


Confirmed speakers

Introductory lecture by Ronald McKay (Baltimore, US)

Ludwig Aigner (Salzburg, Austria) Zaal Kokaia (Lund, Sweden)
Ernest Arenas (Stockholm, Sweden) Ketty Leto (Turin, Italy)
Christoph Beier (Aachen, Germany) Paolo Malatesta (Genoa, Italy)
Yuri Bozzi (Trento, Italy) Silvia Marino (London, UK)
Sebastian Brandner (London, UK) Gianvito Martino (Milan, Italy)
Anne Calof (Irvine, US) John Parnavelas (London, UK)
Luciano Conti (Milan, Italy) Steve Pollard (London, UK)
Ruggero De Maria (Rome, Italy) Jack Price (London, UK)
Peter Dirks (Toronto, Canada) Ashok Shetty (Temple, US)
Gaetano Finocchiaro (Milan, Italy) Flora Vaccarino (Yale, US)


Scientific Committee


Simona Casarosa (CIBIO, University of Trento)
Luciano Conti (Dept. of Pharmacology, University of Milan)
Yuri Bozzi (CIBIO, University of Trento)
Alessandro Quattrone (CIBIO, University of Trento)





Simona Casarosa

Yuri Bozzi

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