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2011 Winter School on Numerical Methods for Free-Surface Flows February 2011

The 2012 edition of the Winter School will take place from January 30 to February 24, 2012.
The website of the new edition is online


The Winter School on Numerical Methods for Free Surface Flows offers two advanced two-week intensive courses:

Advanced Numerical Methods for Free-Surface Hydrodynamics
Prof. Vincenzo Casulli
Dr. Ing. Michael Dumbser, PhD
January 31- February 11, 2011

Advanced Numerical Methods for Hyperbolic Equations and Applications
Prof. Eleuterio Toro, OBE
Dr. Ing. Michael Dumbser, PhD
February 14-25, 2011

These two courses are concerned with advanced, modern numerical methods for solving non-linear systems of  time-dependent partial differential equations in complex domains using general meshes. A broad range of schemes will be studied, including  finite difference, finite volume and discontinuous Galerkin finite element methods. In addition, meshless Lagrangian particle methods will also be considered. The courses are intended  primarily for PhD students, post-doctoral fellows and researchers interested in, for example, environmental engineering, aerospace engineering, geophysics, computational fluid mechanics, industrial mathematics, numerical analysis, applied mathematics, physics and computational science in general.

The courses offered by the Winter School are part of the Engineering Graduate School Environment Water (EGW) of the International Association of Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research (IAHR). EGW is a network of several international institutions which offer academically-orientated education courses on water and environmental related fields.

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Laboratory of Applied Mathematics

Venue: Trento, Faculty of Engineering, Via Mesiano 77


Winter School Secretariat c/o DICA
via Mesiano, 77 - 38123 Trento, Italy
tel. +39 0461 282670
fax +39 0461 282672