The School

School Description
Typically, the school is addressing specific topics of high importance within the international scientific community of Optoelectronics and Photonics. It aims in bringing together a large number of PhD students and young researchers from all parts of the world which across a one-week intense schedule follow a series of lectures on selected topics. The lectures are held by internationally recognized expertes in the field.

This edition:
This time, the Advisory Committee of the School has chosen the topic of Optical resonators.
The Center of Materials and Microsystems of the Bruno Kessler Foundation and the University of Trento will organize the 7th edition of the Optoelectronics and Photonics Winter school. The school will be held from 16th to 22nd of March, 2013 in Levico Terme (TN). It is saught to bring together around 50 students and  12-14 invited lecturers. 

The seek for compact and scalable optical and photonic components has triggered the development of a rich spectrum of micro- and nano-scale optical devices. Among these, the optical resonators have an important role as they offer possibility to confine electromagnetic radiation within ultra-small modal volumes and thus enhance significantly the light-matter interactions. Optical resonator devices are employed intensively in signal processing systems allowing for manipulation of light signals in terms of modulation, filtering, delaying, switching, sensing etc. Moreover, optical  resonators are being employed in a vast spectrum of studies in quantum photonics, lasing , nonlinear optics and  telecommunications. Micro- and nano-resonators do not have localized mirrors as their macro-scale classical counterparts, but they confine light due to their geometry. These monolithic devices are characterized by unique properties such as tiny modal volumes along with huge finesse and quality factors, which makes them extremely efficient in numerous applications.

During the school, a series of lectures will cover both fundamental aspects and applications of optical micro-/nano-resonator devices. The school has the scope to introduce the fundamentals of the topic to young students and scientists and to stimulate further their scientific activity by going deeper into more complex systems and phenomena. The students will have the opportunity to interact efficiently between each other and exchange their knowledge, but more importantly, discuss and learn directly from international experts in the field.